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==Civil Parishes of Wiltshire==
The following is a list of the civil parishes of [[Wiltshire, England Genealogy|Wiltshire]], [[England Genealogy|England]]. Click on a parish name to go to the parish Wiki article for research information: 
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    <li>[[Aldbourne, Wiltshire Genealogy|Aldbourne]]</li>
    <li>[[Alderbury, Wiltshire Genealogy|Alderbury]]</li>
    <li>[[Alderton, Wiltshire Genealogy|Alderton]]</li>
    <li>[[All Cannings, Wiltshire Genealogy|All Cannings]]</li>
    <li>[[Allington, Wiltshire Genealogy|Allington]]</li>
    <li>[[Alton Barnes, Wiltshire Genealogy|Alton Barnes]]</li>
    <li>[[Alton Priors, Wiltshire Genealogy|Alton Priors]]</li>
    <li>[[Alvediston, Wiltshire Genealogy|Alvediston]]</li>
    <li>[[Amesbury, Wiltshire Genealogy|Amesbury]]</li>
    <li>[[Ansty, Wiltshire Genealogy|Ansty]]</li>
    <li>[[Ashley, Wiltshire Genealogy|Ashley]]</li>
    <li>[[Ashton Keynes, Wiltshire Genealogy|Ashton Keynes]]</li>
    <li>[[Atworth with South Wraxall, Wiltshire Genealogy|Atworth with South Wraxall]]</li>
    <li>[[Avebury, Wiltshire Genealogy|Avebury]]</li>
    <li>[[Barford St Martin, Wiltshire Genealogy|Barford St Martin]]</li>
    <li>[[Baverstock, Wiltshire Genealogy|Baverstock]]</li>
    <li>[[Baydon, Wiltshire Genealogy|Baydon]]</li>
    <li>[[Beechingstoke, Wiltshire Genealogy|Beechingstoke]]</li>
    <li>[[Bemerton, Wiltshire Genealogy|Bemerton]]</li>
    <li>[[Berwick Bassett, Wiltshire Genealogy|Berwick Bassett]]</li>
    <li>[[Berwick St James, Wiltshire Genealogy|Berwick St James]]</li>
    <li>[[Berwick St John, Wiltshire Genealogy|Berwick St John]]</li>
    <li>[[Berwick St Leonard, Wiltshire Genealogy|Berwick St Leonard]]</li>
    <li>[[Biddestone, Wiltshire Genealogy|Biddestone]]</li>
    <li>[[Bishop's Cannings, Wiltshire Genealogy|Bishop's Cannings]]</li>
    <li>[[Bishopstone (near Salisbury), Wiltshire Genealogy|Bishopstone (near Salisbury)]]</li>
    <li>[[Bishopstone (near Shrivenham), Wiltshire Genealogy|Bishopstone (near Shrivenham)]]</li>
    <li>[[Bishopstrow, Wiltshire Genealogy|Bishopstrow]]</li>
    <li>[[Blackland, Wiltshire Genealogy|Blackland]]</li>
    <li>[[Blunsdon, Wiltshire Genealogy|Blunsdon St Andrew]]</li>
    <li>[[Boscombe, Wiltshire Genealogy|Boscombe]]</li>
    <li>[[Bower Chalke, Wiltshire Genealogy|Bower Chalke]]</li>
    <li>[[Box, Wiltshire Genealogy|Box]]</li>
    <li>[[Boyton, Wiltshire Genealogy|Boyton]]</li>
    <li>[[Bradfor-on-Avon, Wiltshire Genealogy|Bradford-on-Avon]]</li>
    <li>[[Bradfor-on-Avon Christ Church, Wiltshire Genealogy|Bradford-on-Avon Christ Church]]</li>
    <li>[[Bramshaw, Wiltshire Genealogy|Bramshaw]]</li>
    <li>[[Bratton, Wiltshire Genealogy|Bratton]]</li>
    <li>[[Bremhill, Wiltshire Genealogy|Bremhill with Foxham and Highway]]</li>
    <li>[[Bremilham, Wiltshire Genealogy|Bremilham]]</li>
    <li>[[Brinkworth, Wiltshire Genealogy|Brinkworth]]</li>
    <li>[[Britford, Wiltshire Genealogy|Britford]]</li>
    <li>[[Deverill Brixton, Wiltshire Genealogy|Brixton Deverill]]</li>
    <li>[[Broad Blunsdon, Wiltshire Genealogy|Broad Blunsdon]]</li>
    <li>[[Broad Chalke, Wiltshire Genealogy|Broad Chalke]]</li>
    <li>[[Broad Hinton, Wiltshire Genealogy|Broad Hinton]]</li>
    <li>[[Broad Town, Wiltshire Genealogy|Broad Town]]</li>
    <li>[[Brokenborough, Wiltshire Genealogy|Brokenborough]]</li>
    <li>[[Bromham, Wiltshire Genealogy|Bromham]]</li>
    <li>[[Broughton Gifford, Wiltshire Genealogy|Broughton Gifford]]</li>
    <li>[[Bulford, Wiltshire Genealogy|Bulford]]</li>
    <li>[[Burbage, Wiltshire Genealogy|Burbage]]</li>
    <li>[[Burcombe, Wiltshire Genealogy|Burcombe]]</li>
    <li>[[Buttermere, Wiltshire Genealogy|Buttermere]]</li>
    <li>[[Calne, Wiltshire Genealogy|Calne]]</li>
    <li>[[Calstone Wellington, Wiltshire Genealogy|Calstone Wellington]]</li>
    <li>[[Castle Combe, Wiltshire Genealogy|Castle Combe]]</li>
    <li>[[Castle Eaton, Wiltshire Genealogy|Castle Eaton]]</li>
    <li>[[Charlton near Malmesbury, Wiltshire Genealogy|Charlton (near Malmesbury)]]</li>
    <li>[[Charlton near Pewsey, Wiltshire Genealogy|Charlton (near Pewsey)]]</li>
    <li>[[Charlton All Saints, Wiltshire Genealogy|Charlton All Saints]]</li>
    <li>[[Cherhill, Wiltshire Genealogy|Cherhill]]</li>
    <li>[[Cheverell Magna, Wiltshire Genealogy|Cheverell Magna]]</li>
    <li>[[Chicklade, Wiltshire Genealogy|Chicklade]]</li>
    <li>[[Chilmark, Wiltshire Genealogy|Chilmark]]</li>
    <li>[[Chilton Foliat, Wiltshire Genealogy|Chilton Foliat]]</li>
    <li>[[Chippenham with Tytherton Lucas, Wiltshire Genealogy|Chippenham with Tytherton Lucas]]</li>
    <li>[[Chirton, Wiltshire Genealogy|Chirton]]</li>
    <li>[[Chiseldon, Wiltshire Genealogy|Chiseldon]]</li>
    <li>[[Chitterne All Saints, Wiltshire Genealogy|Chitterne All Saints]]</li>
    <li>[[Chitterne St Mary, Wiltshire Genealogy|Chitterne St Mary]]</li>
    <li>[[Chittoe, Wiltshire Genealogy|Chittoe]]</li>
    <li>[[Cholderton, Wiltshire Genealogy|Cholderton]]</li>
    <li>[[Christian Malford, Wiltshire Genealogy|Christian Malford]]</li>
    <li>[[Chute, Wiltshire Genealogy|Chute]]</li>
    <li>[[Chute Forest, Wiltshire Genealogy|Chute Forest]]</li>
    <li>[[Clarendon Park, Wiltshire Genealogy|Clarendon Park]]</li>
    <li>[[Clatford Park, Wiltshire Genealogy|Clatford Park]]</li>
    <li>[[Clyffe Pypard, Wiltshire Genealogy|Clyffe Pypard]]</li>
    <li>[[Codford St Mary, Wiltshire Genealogy|Codford St Mary]]</li>
    <li>[[Codford St Peter, Wiltshire Genealogy|Codford St Peter]]</li>
    <li>[[Colerne, Wiltshire Genealogy|Colerne]]</li>
    <li>[[Coleshill, Berkshire Genealogy|Coleshill]]</li>
    <li>[[Collingbourne Ducis, Wiltshire Genealogy|Collingbourne Ducis]]</li>
    <li>[[Collingbourne Kingston, Wiltshire Genealogy|Collingbourne Kingston]]</li>
    <li>[[Compton Bassett, Wiltshire Genealogy|Compton Bassett]]</li>
    <li>[[Compton Chamberlayne, Wiltshire Genealogy|Compton Chamberlayne]]</li>
    <li>[[Coombe Bissett, Wiltshire Genealogy|Coombe Bissett]]</li>
    <li>[[Corsham, Wiltshire Genealogy|Corsham]]</li>
    <li>[[Corsley, Wiltshire Genealogy|Corsley]]</li>
    <li>[[Cricklade St Mary, Wiltshire Genealogy|Cricklade St Mary]]</li>
    <li>[[Cricklade St Sampson, Wiltshire Genealogy|Cricklade St Sampson]]</li>
    <li>[[Crudwell, Wiltshire Genealogy|Crudwell]]</li>
    <li>[[Damerham, Wiltshire Genealogy|Damerham]]</li>
    <li>[[Dauntsey, Wiltshire Genealogy|Dauntsey]]</li>
    <li>[[Derry Hill, Wiltshire Genealogy|Derry Hill]]</li>
    <li>[[Devizes St John the Baptist, Wiltshire Genealogy|Devizes St John the Baptist]]</li>
    <li>[[Diltons Marsh, Wiltshire Genealogy|Diltons Marsh]]</li>
    <li>[[Dinton, Wiltshire Genealogy|Dinton]]</li>
    <li>[[Ditteridge, Wiltshire Genealogy|Ditteridge]]</li>
    <li>[[Donhead St Andre, Wiltshire Genealogy|Donhead St Andrew]]</li>
    <li>[[Donhead St Mary, Wiltshire Genealogy|Donhead St Mary with Charlton]]</li>
    <li>[[Downton, Wiltshire Genealogy|Downton]]</li>
    <li>[[Draycot Cerne, Wiltshire Genealogy|Draycot Cerne]]</li>
    <li>[[Draycot Foliat, Wiltshire Genealogy|Draycot Foliat]]</li>
    <li>[[Durnford, Wiltshire Genealogy|Durnford]]</li>
    <li>[[Durrington, Wiltshire Genealogy|Durrington]]</li>
    <li>[[Earldoms, Wiltshire Genealogy|Earldoms]]</li>
    <li>[[East Coulston, Wiltshire Genealogy|East Coulston]]</li>
    <li>[[East Grafton, Wiltshire Genealogy|East Grafton]]</li>
    <li>[[East Grimstead, Wiltshire Genealogy|East Grimstead]]</li>
    <li>[[East Harnham, Wiltshire Genealogy|East Harnham]]</li>
    <li>[[Kennett, East, Wiltshire Genealogy|East Kennett]]</li>
    <li>[[East Knoyle, Wiltshire Genealogy|East Knoyle]]</li>
    <li>[[Easton Grey, Wiltshire Genealogy|Easton Grey]]</li>
    <li>[[Easton Royal, Wiltshire Genealogy|Easton Royal]]</li>
    <li>[[Ebbesbourn Wake, Wiltshire Genealogy|Ebbesbourne Wake]]</li>
    <li>[[Edington, Wiltshire Genealogy|Edington]]</li>
    <li>[[Eisey, Wiltshire Genealogy|Eisey]]</li>
    <li>[[Enford, Wiltshire Genealogy|Enford]]</li>
    <li>[[Erlestoke, Wiltshire Genealogy|Erlestoke]]</li>
    <li>[[Etchilhampton, Wiltshire Genealogy|Etchilhampton]]</li>
    <li>[[Everleigh, Wiltshire Genealogy|Everleigh]]</li>
    <li>[[Fifield Bavant, Wiltshire Genealogy|Fifield Bavant]]</li>
    <li>[[Figheldean, Wiltshire Genealogy|Figheldean]]</li>
    <li>[[Fisherton Anger, Wiltshire Genealogy|Fisherton Anger]]</li>
    <li>[[Fisherton Delamere, Wiltshire Genealogy|Fisherton Delamere]]</li>
    <li>[[Fittleton, Wiltshire Genealogy|Fittleton]]</li>
    <li>[[Fonthill Bishop, Wiltshire Genealogy|Fonthill Bishop]]</li>
    <li>[[Fonthill Gifford, Wiltshire Genealogy|Fonthill Gifford]]</li>
    <li>[[Fovant, Wiltshire Genealogy|Fovant]]</li>
    <li>[[Foxley, Wiltshire Genealogy|Foxley]]</li>
    <li>[[Froxfield, Wiltshire Genealogy|Froxfield]]</li>
    <li>[[Fugglestone, Wiltshire Genealogy|Fugglestone]]</li>
    <li>[[Fullaway, Wiltshire Genealogy|Fullaway]]</li>
    <li>[[Fyfield, Wiltshire Genealogy|Fyfield]]</li>
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    <li>[[Garsdon, Wiltshire Genealogy|Garsdon]]</li>
    <li>[[Great Bedwyn, Wiltshire Genealogy|Great Bedwyn]]</li>
*[[Aldbourne, Wiltshire|Aldbourne]]  
    <li>[[Great Chalfield, Wiltshire Genealogy|Great Chalfield]]</li>
*[[Alderbury, Wiltshire|Alderbury]]  
    <li>[[Great Somerford, Wiltshire Genealogy|Great Somerford]]</li>
*[[Alderton, Wiltshire|Alderton]]  
    <li>[[Grittleton, Wiltshire Genealogy|Grittleton]]</li>
*[[All Cannings, Wiltshire|All Cannings]]  
    <li>[[Groveley Wood, Wiltshire Genealogy|Groveley Wood]]</li>
*[[Allington, Wiltshire|Allington]]  
*[[Alton Barnes, Wiltshire|Alton Barnes]]  
    <li>[[Ham, Wiltshire Genealogy|Ham]]</li>
*[[Alton Priors, Wiltshire|Alton Priors]]  
    <li>[[Hankerton, Wiltshire Genealogy|Hankerton]]</li>
*[[Alvediston, Wiltshire|Alvediston]]  
    <li>[[Hannington, Wiltshire Genealogy|Hannington]]</li>
*[[Amesbury, Wiltshire|Amesbury]]  
    <li>[[Hardenhuish, Wiltshire Genealogy|Hardenhuish]]</li>
*[[Ansty, Wiltshire|Ansty]]  
    <li>[[Heddington, Wiltshire Genealogy|Heddington]]</li>
*[[Ashley, Wiltshire|Ashley]]  
    <li>[[Heytesbury, Wiltshire Genealogy|Heytesbury]]</li>
*[[Ashton, Keynes|Ashton Keynes]]  
    <li>[[Heywood, Wiltshire Genealogy|Heywood]]</li>
*[[Atworth with South Wraxall, Wiltshire|Atworth with South Wraxall]]  
    <li>[[Highway, Wiltshire Genealogy|Highway]]</li>
*[[Avebury, Wiltshire|Avebury]]  
    <li>[[Wighworth with Sevenhampton, Wiltshire Genealogy|Highworth with Sevenhampton]]</li>
*[[Barford St Martin, Wiltshire|Barford St Martin]]  
    <li>[[Deverill Hill, Wiltshire Genealogy|Hill Deverill]]</li>
*[[Baverstock, Wiltshire|Baverstock]]  
    <li>[[Hilmarton, Wiltshire Genealogy|Hilmarton]]</li>
*[[Baydon, Wiltshire|Baydon]]  
    <li>[[Hilperton, Wiltshire Genealogy|Hilperton]]</li>
*[[Beechingstoke, Wiltshire|Beechingstoke]]  
    <li>[[Hindon, Wiltshire Genealogy|Hindon]]</li>
*[[Bemerton, Wiltshire|Bemerton]]  
    <li>[[Hinton Parva, Wiltshire Genealogy|Hinton Parva]]</li>
*[[Berwick Bassett, Wiltshire|Berwick Bassett]]  
    <li>[[Hippenscombe, Wiltshire Genealogy|Hippenscombe]]</li>
*[[Berwick St James, Wiltshire|Berwick St James]]  
    <li>[[Holt, Wiltshire Genealogy|Holt]]</li>
*[[Berwick St John, Wiltshire|Berwick St John]]  
    <li>[[Homington, Wiltshire Genealogy|Homington]]</li>
*[[Berwick St Leonard, Wiltshire|Berwick St Leonard]]  
    <li>[[Horningsham, Wiltshire Genealogy|Horningsham]]</li>
*[[Biddestone, Wiltshire|Biddestone]]  
    <li>[[Huish, Wiltshire Genealogy|Huish]]</li>
*[[Bishop's Cannings, Wiltshire|Bishop's Cannings]]  
    <li>[[Hullavington, Wiltshire Genealogy|Hullavington]]</li>
*Bishopstone (near Salisbury)
    <li>[[Hungerford, Berkshire Genealogy|Hungerford]]</li>
*Bishopstone (near Shrivenham)
*[[Bishopstrow, Wiltshire|Bishopstrow]]  
    <li>[[Idmiston with Porton, Wiltshire Genealogy|Idmiston with Porton]]</li>
*[[Blackland, Wiltshire|Blackland]]  
    <li>[[Imber, Wiltshire Genealogy|Imber]]</li>
*[[Blunsdon, Wiltshire|Blunsdon St Andrew]]  
    <li>[[Inglesham, Wiltshire Genealogy|Inglesham]]</li>
*[[Boscombe, Wiltshire|Boscombe]]  
*[[Bower Chalke, Wiltshire|Bower Chalke]]  
    <li>[[Keevil, Wiltshire Genealogy|Keevil]]</li>
*[[Box, Wiltshire|Box]]  
    <li>[[Kemble, Wiltshire Genealogy|Kemble]]</li>
*[[Boyton, Wiltshire|Boyton]]  
    <li>[[Deverill Kingston, Wiltshire Genealogy|Kingston Deverill]]</li>
*[[Bradfor-on-Avon, Wiltshire|Bradford-on-Avon]]  
    <li>[[Kington St Michael, Wiltshire Genealogy|Kington St Michael]]</li>
*[[Bradfor-on-Avon Christ Church, Wiltshire|Bradford-on-Avon Christ Church]]  
    <li>[[Knook, Wiltshire Genealogy|Knook]]</li>
*[[Bramshaw, Wiltshire|Bramshaw]]  
*[[Bratton, Wiltshire|Bratton]]  
    <li>[[Lacock, Wiltshire Genealogy|Lacock]]</li>
*[[Bremhill, Wiltshire|Bremhill with Foxham and Highway]]  
    <li>[[Landford, Wiltshire Genealogy|Landford]]</li>
*[[Bremilham, Wiltshire|Bremilham]]  
    <li>[[Langley Burrell, Wiltshire Genealogy|Langley Burrell]]</li>
*[[Brinkworth, Wiltshire|Brinkworth]]  
    <li>[[Langley Fitzurse, Wiltshire Genealogy|Langley Fitzurse]]</li>
*[[Britford, Wiltshire|Britford]]  
    <li>[[Langley Wood, Wiltshire Genealogy|Langley Wood]]</li>
*[[Deverill Brixton, Wiltshire|Brixton Deverill]]  
    <li>[[Latton, Wiltshire Genealogy|Latton]]</li>
*[[Broad Blunsdon, Wiltshire|Broad Blunsdon]]  
    <li>[[Laverstock, Wiltshire Genealogy|Laverstock]]</li>
*[[Broad Chalke, Wiltshire|Broad Chalke]]  
    <li>[[Lea and Cleverton, Wiltshire Genealogy|Lea and Cleverton]]</li>
*[[Broad Hinton, Wiltshire|Broad Hinton]]  
    <li>[[Leigh, Wiltshire Genealogy|Leigh]]</li>
*[[Broad Town, Wiltshire|Broad Town]]  
    <li>[[Leigh Delamere, Wiltshire Genealogy|Leigh Delamere&nbsp;]]</li>
*[[Brokenborough, Wiltshire|Brokenborough]]  
    <li>[[Liddington, Wiltshire Genealogy|Liddington]]</li>
*[[Bromham, Wiltshire|Bromham]]  
    <li>[[Limpley Stoke, Wiltshire Genealogy|Limpley Stoke]]</li>
*[[Broughton Gifford, Wiltshire|Broughton Gifford]]  
    <li>[[Little Bedwyn, Wiltshire Genealogy|Little Bedwyn]]</li>
*[[Bulford, Wiltshire|Bulford]]  
    <li>[[Little Chalfield and Cottles, Wiltshire Genealogy|Little Chalfield and Cottles]]</li>
*[[Burbage, Wiltshire|Burbage]]  
    <li>[[Little Cheverell, Wiltshire Genealogy|Little Cheverell]]</li>
*[[Burcombe, Wiltshire|Burcombe]]  
    <li>[[Little Langford, Wiltshire Genealogy|Little Langford]]</li>
*[[Buttermere, Wiltshire|Buttermere]]  
    <li>[[Little Somerford, Wiltshire Genealogy|Little Somerford]]</li>
*[[Calne, Wiltshire|Calne]]  
    <li>[[Littleton Drew, Wiltshire Genealogy|Littleton Drew]]</li>
*[[Calstone Wellington, Wiltshire|Calstone Wellington]]  
    <li>[[Long Newnton, Wiltshire Genealogy|Long Newnton]]</li>
*[[Castle Combe, Wiltshire|Castle Combe]]  
    <li>[[Deverill Longbridge, Wiltshire Genealogy|Longbridge Deverill with Crockerton]]</li>
*[[Castle Eaton, Wiltshire|Castle Eaton]]  
    <li>[[Luckington, Wiltshire Genealogy|Luckington]]</li>
*[[Charlton near Malmesbury, Wiltshire|Charlton (near Malmesbury)]]  
    <li>[[Ludgershall, Wiltshire Genealogy|Ludgershall]]</li>
*[[Charlton near Pewsey, Wiltshire|Charlton (near Pewsey)]]  
    <li>[[Lydiard Millicent, Wiltshire Genealogy|Lydiard Millicent]]</li>
*[[Charlton All Saints, Wiltshire|Charlton All Saints]]  
    <li>[[Lydiard Tregoz, Wiltshire Genealogy|Lydiard Tregoz]]</li>
*[[Cherhill, Wiltshire|Cherhill]]  
    <li>[[Lyneham, Wiltshire Genealogy|Lyneham]]</li>
*[[Cheverell Magna, Wiltshire|Cheverell Magna]]  
*[[Chicklade, Wiltshire|Chicklade]]  
    <li>[[Maddington, Wiltshire Genealogy|Maddington]]</li>
*[[Chilmark, Wiltshire|Chilmark]]  
    <li>[[Maiden Bradley, Wiltshire Genealogy|Maiden Bradley]]</li>
*Chilton Foliat
    <li>[[Malmesbury, Wiltshire Genealogy|Malmesbury]]</li>
*[[Chippenham with Tytherton Lucas, Wiltshire|Chippenham with Tytherton Lucas]]  
    <li>[[Manningford Abbas, Wiltshire Genealogy|Manningford Abbas]]</li>
*[[Chirton, Wiltshire|Chirton]]  
    <li>[[Manningford Bohune, Wiltshire Genealogy|Manningford Bohune]]</li>
*[[Chiseldon, Wiltshire|Chiseldon]]  
    <li>[[Manningford Bruce, Wiltshire Genealogy|Manningford Bruce]]</li>
*[[Chitterne All Saints, Wiltshire|Chitterne All Saints]]  
    <li>[[Marden, Wiltshire Genealogy|Marden]]</li>
*[[Chitterne St Mary, Wiltshire|Chitterne St Mary]]  
    <li>[[Market Lavington, Wiltshire Genealogy|Market Lavington]]</li>
*[[Chittoe, Wiltshire|Chittoe]]  
    <li>[[Marlborough St Mary the Virgin, Wiltshire Genealogy|Marlborough St Mary the Virgin]]</li>
*[[Cholderton, Wiltshire|Cholderton]]  
    <li>[[Marlborough St Peter and St Paul, Wiltshire Genealogy|Marlborough St Peter and St Paul]]</li>
*[[Christian Malford, Wiltshire|Christian Malford]]  
    <li>[[Marston Meysey, Wiltshire Genealogy|Marston Meysey]]</li>
*[[Chute, Wiltshire|Chute]]  
    <li>[[Martin, Wiltshire Genealogy|Martin]]</li>
*[[Chute Forest, Wiltshire|Chute Forest]]  
    <li>[[Melchet Park, Wiltshire Genealogy|Melchet Park]]</li>
*[[Clarendon Park, Wiltshire|Clarendon Park]]  
    <li>[[Melksham, Wiltshire Genealogy|Melksham]]</li>
*[[Clatford Park, Wiltshire|Clatford Park]]  
    <li>[[Mere, Wiltshire Genealogy|Mere]]</li>
*[[Clyffe Pypard, Wiltshire|Clyffe Pypard]]  
    <li>[[Mildenhall, Wiltshire Genealogy|Mildenhall]]</li>
*[[Codford St Mary, Wiltshire|Codford St Mary]]  
    <li>[[Milston, Wiltshire Genealogy|Milston]]</li>
*[[Codford St Peter, Wiltshire|Codford St Peter]]  
    <li>[[Milton Lilbourne, Wiltshire Genealogy|Milton Lilbourne]]</li>
*[[Colerne, Wiltshire|Colerne]]  
    <li>[[Minety, Wiltshire Genealogy|Minety]]</li>
    <li>[[Deverill Monkton, Wiltshire Genealogy|Monkton Deverill]]</li>
*[[Collingbourne Ducis, Wiltshire|Collingbourne Ducis]]  
    <li>[[Monkton Farleigh, Wiltshire Genealogy|Monkton Farleigh]]</li>
*[[Collingbourne Kingston, Wiltshire|Collingbourne Kingston]]  
*[[Compton Bassett, Wiltshire|Compton Bassett]]  
    <li>[[Netheravon, Wiltshire Genealogy|Netheravon]]</li>
*[[Compton Chamberlayne, Wiltshire|Compton Chamberlayne]]  
    <li>[[Netherhampton, Wiltshire Genealogy|Netherhampton]]</li>
*[[Coombe Bissett, Wiltshire|Coombe Bissett]]  
    <li>[[Nettleton, Wiltshire Genealogy|Nettleton]]</li>
*[[Corsham, Wiltshire|Corsham]]  
    <li>[[Newton Terry, Wiltshire Genealogy|Newton Tony]]</li>
*[[Corsley, Wiltshire|Corsley]]  
    <li>[[No Man's Land, Wiltshire Genealogy|No Man's Land]]</li>
*[[Cricklade St Mary, Wiltshire|Cricklade St Mary]]  
    <li>[[North Bradley, Wiltshire Genealogy|North Bradley]]</li>
*[[Cricklade St Sampson, Wiltshire|Cricklade St Sampson]]  
    <li>[[Bradley North Christ Church, Wiltshire Genealogy|North Bradley Christ Church]]</li>
*[[Crudwell, Wiltshire|Crudwell]]  
    <li>[[North Newnton, Wiltshire Genealogy|North Newnton]]</li>
*[[Damerham, Wiltshire|Damerham]]  
    <li>[[North Savernake, Wiltshire Genealogy|North Savernake]]</li>
*[[Dauntsey, Wiltshire|Dauntsey]]  
    <li>[[North Tidworth, Wiltshire Genealogy|North Tidworth]]</li>
*[[Derry Hill, Wiltshire|Derry Hill]]  
    <li>[[North Wraxall, Wiltshire Genealogy|North Wraxall]]</li>
*[[Devizes St John the Baptist, Wiltshire|Devizes St John the Baptist]]  
    <li>[[Norton, Wiltshire Genealogy|Norton]]</li>
*[[Diltons Marsh, Wiltshire|Diltons Marsh]]  
    <li>[[Norton Bavant, Wiltshire Genealogy|Norton Bavant]]</li>
*[[Dinton, Wiltshire|Dinton]]  
    <li>[[Nunton and Bodenham, Wiltshire Genealogy|Nunton and Bodenham]]</li>
*[[Ditteridge, Wiltshire|Ditteridge]]  
*[[Donhead St Andre, Wiltshire|Donhead St Andrew]]  
    <li>[[Oaksey, Wiltshire Genealogy|Oaksey]]</li>
*[[Donhead St Mary, Wiltshire|Donhead St Mary with Charlton]]  
    <li>[[Odstock, Wiltshire Genealogy|Odstock]]</li>
*[[Downton, Wiltshire|Downton]]
    <li>[[Ogbourne St Andrew, Wiltshire Genealogy|Ogbourne St Andrew]]</li>
    <li>[[Ogbourne St George, Wiltshire Genealogy|Ogbourne St George]]</li>
    <li>[[Old Sarum, Wiltshire Genealogy|Old Sarum]]</li>
    <li>[[Orcheston St George, Wiltshire Genealogy|Orcheston St George]]</li>
    <li>[[Orcheston St Mary, Wiltshire Genealogy|Orcheston St Mary]]</li>
    <li>[[Overton, Wiltshire Genealogy|Overton]]</li>
    <li>[[Overton Heath, Wiltshire Genealogy|Overton Heath]]</li>
    <li>[[Patney, Wiltshire Genealogy|Patney]]</li>
    <li>[[Pertwood, Wiltshire Genealogy|Pertwood]]</li>
    <li>[[Pewsey, Wiltshire Genealogy|Pewsey]]</li>
    <li>[[Pewsham, Wiltshire Genealogy|Pewsham]]</li>
    <li>[[Pitton and Farley, Wiltshire Genealogy|Pitton and Farley]]</li>
    <li>[[Plaitford, Wiltshire Genealogy|Plaitford]]</li>
    <li>[[Poole Keynes, Wiltshire Genealogy|Poole Keynes]]</li>
    <li>[[Potterne, Wiltshire Genealogy|Potterne]]</li>
    <li>[[Poulshot, Wiltshire Genealogy|Poulshot]]</li>
    <li>[[Preshute, Wiltshire Genealogy|Preshute]]</li>
    <li>[[Purton, Wiltshire Genealogy|Purton]]</li>
    <li>[[Ramsbury with Axford, Wiltshire Genealogy|Ramsbury with Axford]]</li>
    <li>[[Redlynch, Wiltshire Genealogy|Redlynch]]</li>
    <li>[[Rodbourne Cheney, Wiltshire Genealogy|Rodbourne Cheney]]</li>
    <li>[[Rollestone, Wiltshire Genealogy|Rollestone]]</li>
    <li>[[Rowde, Wiltshire Genealogy|Rowde]]</li>
    <li>[[Rushall, Wiltshire Genealogy|Rushall]]</li>
    <li>[[Salisbury Cathedral, Wiltshire Genealogy|Salisbury Cathedral]]</li>
    <li>[[Salisbury St Edmund, Wiltshire Genealogy|Salisbury St Edmund]]</li>
    <li>[[Salisbury St Martin, Wiltshire Genealogy|Salisbury St Martin]]</li>
    <li>[[Salisbury St Thomas, Wiltshire Genealogy|Salisbury St Thomas]]</li>
    <li>[[Salisbury, Wiltshire Genealogy|Salisbury the Close of the Canons of the Cathedral Church]]</li>
    <li>[[Seagry, Wiltshire Genealogy|Seagry]]</li>
    <li>[[Sedgehill, Wiltshire Genealogy|Sedgehill]]</li>
    <li>[[Seend, Wiltshire Genealogy|Seend]]</li>
    <li>[[Semington, Wiltshire Genealogy|Semington]]</li>
    <li>[[Semley, Wiltshire Genealogy|Semley]]</li>
    <li>[[Shalbourne, Berkshire Genealogy|Shalbourne]]</li>
    <li>[[Sharncote, Wiltshire Genealogy|Sharncote]]</li>
    <li>[[Shaw, Wiltshire Genealogy|Shaw]]</li>
    <li>[[Sherrington, Wiltshire Genealogy|Sherrington]]</li>
    <li>[[Sherston Magna with Sherston Parva, Wiltshire Genealogy|Sherston Magna with Sherston Parva]]</li>
    <li>[[Shrewton, Wiltshire Genealogy|Shrewton]]</li>
    <li>[[Slaughterford, Wiltshire Genealogy|Slaughterford]]</li>
    <li>[[Keynes, Somerford, Wiltshire Genealogy|Somerford Keynes]]</li>
    <li>[[Sopworth, Wiltshire Genealogy|Sopworth]]</li>
    <li>[[South Marston, Wiltshire Genealogy|South Marston]]</li>
    <li>[[South Newton, Wiltshire Genealogy|South Newton]]</li>
    <li>[[South Savernake, Wiltshire Genealogy|South Savernake with Brimslade and Cadley]]</li>
    <li>[[Southbroom, Wiltshire Genealogy|Southbroom]]</li>
    <li>[[Stanton Fitzwarren, Wiltshire Genealogy|Stanton Fitzwarren]]</li> 
    <li>[[Stanton St Bernard, Wiltshire Genealogy|Stanton St Bernard]]</li>
    <li>[[Stanton St Quintin, Wiltshire Genealogy|Stanton St Quintin]]</li>
    <li>[[Stapleford, Wiltshire Genealogy|Stapleford]]</li>
    <li>[[Staverton, Wiltshire Genealogy|Staverton]]</li>
    <li>[[Ashton Steeple, Wiltshire Genealogy|Steeple Ashton]]</li>
    <li>[[Langford, Steeple, Wiltshire Genealogy|Steeple Langford]]</li>
    <li>[[Stockton, Wiltshire Genealogy|Stockton]]</li>
    <li>[[Stourton, Somerset Genealogy|Stourton]]</li>
    <li>[[Stratford Sub Castle, Wiltshire Genealogy|Stratford sub Castle]]</li>
    <li>[[Stratford Tony, Wiltshire Genealogy|Stratford Tony]]</li>
    <li>[[Stratton St Margaret, Wiltshire Genealogy|Stratton St Margaret]]</li>
    <li>[[Sutton Benger, Wiltshire Genealogy|Sutton Benger]]</li>
    <li>[[Sutton Manerville, Wiltshire Genealogy|Sutton Mandeville]]</li>
    <li>[[Sutton Veny, Wiltshire Genealogy|Sutton Veny]]</li>
    <li>[[Swallowcliffe, Wiltshire Genealogy|Swallowcliffe]]</li>
    <li>[[Swindon, Wiltshire Genealogy|Swindon]]</li>
    <li>[[Swindon New Town, Wiltshire Genealogy|Swindon New Town]]</li>
    <li>[[Teffont Evias, Wiltshire Genealogy|Teffont Evias]]</li>
    <li>[[Teffont Magna, Wiltshire Genealogy|Teffont Magna]]</li>
    <li>[[Tidcombe and Fosbury, Wiltshire Genealogy|Tidcombe and Fosbury]]</li>
    <li>[[Tilshead, Wiltshire Genealogy|Tilshead]]</li>
    <li>[[Tisbury, Wiltshire Genealogy|Tisbury]]</li>
    <li>[[Tockenham, Wiltshire Genealogy|Tockenham]]</li>
    <li>[[Toyd Farm with Allenford, Wiltshire Genealogy|Tollard Royal Farm with Allenford]]</li>
    <li>[[Trowbridge, Wiltshire Genealogy|Trowbridge]]</li>
    <li>[[Trowbridge Holy Trinity, Wiltshire Genealogy|Trowbridge Holy Trinity]]</li>
    <li>[[Tytherington, Wiltshire Genealogy|Tytherington]]</li>
    <li>[[Tytherton Kellaways, Wiltshire Genealogy|Tytherton Kellaways]]</li>
    <li>[[Upavon, Wiltshire Genealogy|Upavon]]</li>
    <li>[[Upton Lovell, Wiltshire Genealogy|Upton Lovell]]</li>
    <li>[[Upton Scudamore, Wiltshire Genealogy|Upton Scudamore]]</li>
    <li>[[Urchfont with Stert, Wiltshire Genealogy|Urchfont with Stert]]</li>
    <li>[[Wanborough, Wiltshire Genealogy|Wanborough]]</li>
    <li>[[Warminster, Wiltshire Genealogy|Warminster]]</li>
    <li>[[Warminster Chirist Church, Wiltshire Genealogy|Warminster Christ Church]]</li>
    <li>[[West Ashton, Wiltshire Genealogy|West Ashton]]</li>
    <li>[[West Dean, Hampshire|West Dean]]</li>
    <li>[[West Grimstead, Wiltshire Genealogy|West Grimstead]]</li>
    <li>[[West Harnham, Wiltshire Genealogy|West Harnham]]</li>
    <li>[[West Kington, Wiltshire Genealogy|West Kington]]</li>
    <li>[[West Knoyle, Wiltshire Genealogy|West Knoyle]]</li>
    <li>[[West Lavington, Wiltshire Genealogy|West Lavington]]</li>
    <li>[[Westbury, Wiltshire Genealogy|Westbury]]</li>
    <li>[[Westport St Mary, Wiltshire Genealogy|Westport St Mary]]</li>
    <li>[[Westwood, Wiltshire Genealogy|Westwood]]</li>
    <li>[[Whaddon, Wiltshire Genealogy|Whaddon]]</li>
    <li>[[Whiteparish, Wiltshire Genealogy|Whiteparish]]</li>
    <li>[[Whitsbury, Wiltshire Genealogy|Whitsbury]]</li>
    <li>[[Wilcot, Wiltshire Genealogy|Wilcot]]</li>
    <li>[[Wilsford, Wiltshire Genealogy|Wilsford]]</li>
    <li>[[Wilsord cum Lake, Wiltshire Genealogy|Wilsford cum Lake]]</li>
    <li>[[Wilton, Wiltshire Genealogy|Wilton]]</li>
    <li>[[Winfield, Wiltshire Genealogy|Wingfield]]</li>
    <li>[[Winsley, Wiltshire Genealogy|Winsley]]</li>
    <li>[[Winterbourne Bassett, Wiltshire Genealogy|Winterbourne Bassett]]</li>
    <li>[[Winterbourne Dauntsey, Wiltshire Genealogy|Winterbourne Dauntsey]]</li>
    <li>[[Winterbourne Earls, Wiltshire Genealogy|Winterbourne Earls]]</li>
    <li>[[Winterbourne Gunner, Wiltshire Genealogy|Winterbourne Gunner]]</li>
    <li>[[Winterbourne Monkton, Wiltshire Genealogy|Winterbourne Monkton]]</li>
    <li>[[Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire Genealogy|Winterbourne Stoke]]</li>
    <li>[[Winterslow, Wiltshire Genealogy|Winterslow]]</li>
    <li>[[Wishford Magna, Wiltshire Genealogy|Wishford Magna]]</li>
    <li>[[Woodborough, Wiltshire Genealogy|Woodborough]]</li>
    <li>[[Woodford, Wiltshire Genealogy|Woodford]]</li>
    <li>[[Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire Genealogy|Wootton Bassett]]</li>
    <li>[[Wootton Rivers, Wiltshire Genealogy|Wootton Rivers]]</li>
    <li>[[Worton, Wiltshire Genealogy|Worton]]</li>
    <li>[[Wroughton, Wiltshire Genealogy|Wroughton]]</li>
    <li>[[Wylye, Wiltshire Genealogy|Wylye]]</li>
    <li>[[Yatesbury, Wiltshire Genealogy|Yatesbury]]</li>
    <li>[[Yatton Keynell, Wiltshire Genealogy|Yatton Keynell]]</li>
    <li>[[Zeals, Wiltshire Genealogy|Zeals]]</li>
*[[Draycot Cerne, Wiltshire|Draycot Cerne]]
*[[Draycot Foliat, Wiltshire|Draycot Foliat]]
*[[Durnford, Wiltshire|Durnford]]
*[[Durrington, Wiltshire|Durrington]]
*[[Earldoms, Wiltshire|Earldoms]]
*[[East Coulston, Wiltshire|East Coulston]]
*[[East Grafton, Wiltshire|East Grafton]]
*[[East Grimstead, Wiltshire|East Grimstead]]
*[[East Harnham, Wiltshire|East Harnham]]
*[[Kennett, East, Wiltshire|East Kennett]]
*[[East Knoyle, Wiltshire|East Knoyle]]
*East Wellow
*[[Easton Grey, Wiltsire|Easton Grey]]
*[[Easton Royal, Wiltshire|Easton Royal]]
*[[Ebbesbourn Wake, Wiltshire|Ebbesbourne Wake]]
*[[Edington, Wiltshire|Edington]]
*[[Eisey, Wiltshire|Eisey]]
*[[Enford, Wiltshire|Enford]]
*[[Erlestoke, Wiltshire|Erlestoke]]
*[[Etchilhampton, Wiltshire|Etchilhampton]]
*[[Everleigh, Wiltshire|Everleigh]]
*[[Fifield Bavant, Wiltshire|Fifield Bavant]]
*[[Figheldean, Wiltshire|Figheldean]]
*[[Fisherton Anger, Wiltshire|Fisherton Anger]]
*[[Fisherton Delamere, Wiltshire|Fisherton Delamere]]
*[[Fittleton, Wiltshire|Fittleton]]
*[[Fonthill Bishop, Witlshire|Fonthill Bishop]]
*[[Fonthill Gifford, Wilthire|Fonthill Gifford]]
*[[Fovant, Wiltshire|Fovant]]
*[[Foxley, Wiltshre|Foxley]]
*[[Froxfield, Wiltshire|Froxfield]]
*[[Fugglestone, Wiltshire|Fugglestone]]
*[[Fullaway, Wiltshire|Fullaway]]
*[[Fyfield, Wiltshire|Fyfield]]
*[[Garsdon, Wiltshire|Garsdon]]
*[[Great Bedwyn, Wiltshire|Great Bedwyn]]
*[[Great Chalfield, Wiltshire|Great Chalfield]]
*[[Great Somerford, Wiltshire|Great Somerford]]
*[[Grittleton, Wiltshire|Grittleton]]
*[[Groveley Wood, Wiltshire|Groveley Wood]]
*[[Ham, Wiltshire|Ham]]
*[[Hankerton, Wiltshire|Hankerton]]
*[[Hannington, Wiltshire|Hannington]]
*[[Hardenhuish, Wiltshire|Hardenhuish]]
*[[Heddington, Wiltshire|Heddington]]
*[[Heytesbury, Wiltshire|Heytesbury]]
*[[Heywood, Wiltshire|Heywood]]
*[[Highway, Wiltshire|Highway]]
*[[Wighworth with Sevenhampton, Wiltshire|Highworth with Sevenhampton]]
*[[Deverill Hill, Wiltshire|Hill Deverill]]
*[[Hilmarton, Wiltshire|Hilmarton]]
*[[Hilperton, Wiltshire|Hilperton]]
*[[Hindon, Wiltshire|Hindon]]
*[[Hinton Parva, Wiltshire|Hinton Parva]]
*[[Hippenscombe, Wiltshire|Hippenscombe]]
*[[Holt, Wiltshire|Holt]]
*[[Homington, Wiltshire|Homington]]
*[[Horningsham, Wiltshire|Horningsham <span id="fck_dom_range_temp_1246306183491_24" />]]
*[[Huish, Wiltshire|Huish]]
*[[Hullavington, Wiltshire|Hullavington]]
*[[Idmiston with Porton, Wiltshire|Idmiston with Porton]]
*[[Imber, Wiltshire|Imber]]
*[[Inglesham, Wiltshire|Inglesham]]
*[[Keevil, Wiltshire|Keevil]]
*[[Kemble, Wiltshire|Kemble]]
*[[Deverill Kingston, Wiltshire|Kingston Deverill]]
*[[Kington St Michael, Wiltshire|Kington St Michael]]
*[[Knook, Wiltshire|Knook]]
*[[Lacock, Wiltshire|Lacock]]
*[[Landford, Wiltshire|Landford]]
*[[Little Bedwyn, Wiltshire|Little Bedwyn]]
*[[Little Chalfield, Wiltshire|Little Chalfield and Cottles]]
*[[Little Cheverell, Wiltshire|Little Cheverell]]
*[[Little Langford, Wiltshire|Little Langford]]
*[[Langley Burrell, Wiltshire|Langley Burrell]]
*[[Langley Fitzurse, Wiltshire|Langley Fitzurse]]
*[[Langley Wood, Wiltshire|Langley Wood]]
*[[Latton, Wiltshire|Latton]]
*[[Laverstock, Wiltshire|Laverstock]]
*[[Lea and Cleverton, Wiltshire|Lea and Cleverton]]
*[[Leigh, Wiltshire|Leigh]]
*[[Leigh Delamere, Wiltshire|Leigh Delamere&nbsp;]]
*[[Liddington, Wiltshire|Liddington]]
*[[Limpley Stoke, Wiltshire|Limpley Stoke]]
*[[Little Somerford, Wiltshire|Little Somerford]]
*[[Littleton Drew, Wiltshire|Littleton Drew]]
*[[Long Newnton, Wiltshire|Long Newnton]]
*[[Deverill Longbridge, Wiltshire|Longbridge Deverill with Crockerton]]
*[[Luckington, Wiltshire|Luckington]]
*[[Ludgershall, Wiltshire|Ludgershall]]
*[[Lydiard Millicent, Wiltshire|Lydiard Millicent]]
*[[Lydiard Tregoz, Wiltshire|Lydiard Tregoz]]
*[[Lyneham, Wiltshire|Lyneham]]
*[[Maddington, Wiltshire|Maddington]]
*[[Maiden Bradley, Wiltshire|Maiden Bradley]]
*[[Malmesbury, Wiltshire|Malmesbury]]
*[[Manningford Abbas, Wiltshire|Manningford Abbas]]
*[[Manningford Bohune, Wiltshire|Manningford Bohune]]
*[[Manningford Bruce, Wiltshire|Manningford Bruce]]
*[[Marden, Wiltshire|Marden]]
*[[Market Lavington, Wiltshire|Market Lavington]]
*[[Marlborough St Mary the Virgin, Wiltshire|Marlborough St Mary the Virgin]]
*[[Marlborough St Peter and St Paul, Wiltshire|Marlborough St Peter and St Paul]]
*[[Marston Meysey, Wiltshire|Marston Meysey]]
*[[Martin, Wiltshire|Martin]]
*[[Melchet Park, Wiltshire|Melchet Park]]
*[[Melksham, Wiltshire|Melksham]]
*[[Mere, Wiltshire|Mere]]
*[[Mildenhall, Wiltshire|Mildenhall]]
*[[Milston, Wiltshire|Milston]]
*[[Milton Lilbourne, Wiltshire|Milton Lilbourne]]
*[[Minety, Wiltshire|Minety]]
*[[Deverill Monkton, Wiltshire|Monkton Deverill]]
*[[Monkton Farleigh, Wiltshire|Monkton Farleigh]]
*[[Netheravon, Wiltshire|Netheravon]]
*[[Netherhampton, Wiltshire|Netherhampton]]
*[[Nettleton, Wiltshire|Nettleton]]
*[[Newton Terry, Wiltshire|Newton Tony]]<br>
===See also===
*[[No Man's Land, Wiltshire|No Man's Land]]
*[[North Bradley, Wiltshire|North Bradley]]
*[[Bradley North Christ Church, Wiltshire|North Bradley Christ Church]]
*[[North Newnton, Wiltshire|North Newnton]]
*[[North Savernake, Wiltshire|North Savernake]]
*[[North Tidworth, Wiltshire|North Tidworth]]
*[[North Wraxall, Wiltshire|North Wraxall]]
*[[Norton, Wiltshire|Norton]]
*[[Norton Bavant, Wiltshire|Norton Bavant]]
*[[Nunton and Bodenham, Wiltshire|Nunton and Bodenham]]
*[[Oaksey, Wiltshire|Oaksey]]
*[[Odstock, Wiltshire|Odstock]]
*[[Ogbourne St Andrew, Wiltshire|Ogbourne St Andrew]]
*[[Ogbourne St George, Wiltshire|Ogbourne St George]]
*[[Old Sarum, Wiltshire|Old Sarum]]
*[[Orcheston St George, Wiltshire|Orcheston St George]]
*[[Orcheston St Mary, Wiltshire|Orcheston St Mary]]
*[[Overton, Wiltshire|Overton]]
*[[Overton Heath, Wiltshire|Overton Heath]]
*[[Patney, Wiltshire|Patney]]
*[[Pertwood, Wiltshire|Pertwood]]
*[[Pewsey, Wiltshire|Pewsey]]
*[[Pewsham, Wiltshire|Pewsham]]
*[[Pitton and Farley, Wiltshire|Pitton and Farley]]
*[[Plaitford, Wiltshire|Plaitford]]
*[[Keynes, Pool, Wiltshire|Poole Keynes]]
*[[Potterne, Wiltshire|Potterne]]
*[[Poulshot, Wiltshire|Poulshot]]
*[[Preshute, Wiltshire|Preshute]]
*[[Purton, Wiltshire|Purton]]
*[[Ramsbury with Axford, Wiltshire|Ramsbury with Axford]]
*[[Redlynch, Wiltshire|Redlynch]]
*[[Rodbourne Cheney, Wiltshire|Rodbourne Cheney]]
*[[Rollestone, Wiltshire|Rollestone]]
*[[Rowde, Wiltshire|Rowde]]
*[[Rushall, Wiltshire|Rushall]]
*Salisbury Cathedral
*[[Salisbury St Edmund, Wiltshire|Salisbury St Edmund]]
*[[Salisbury St Martin, Wiltshire|Salisbury St Martin]]
*[[Salishbury St Thomas, Wiltshire|Salisbury St Thomas]]
*[[Salisbury, Wiltshire|Salisbury the Close of the Canons of the Cathedral Church]]
*[[Seagry, Wiltshire|Seagry]]
*[[Sedgehill, Wiltshire|Sedgehill]]
*[[Seend, Wiltshire|Seend]]
*[[Semington, Wiltshire|Semington]]
*[[Semley, Wiltshire|Semley]]
*[[Sharncote, Wiltshire|Sharncote]]
*[[Shaw, Wiltshire|Shaw]]
*[[Sherrington, Wiltshire|Sherrington]]
*[[Sherston Magna with Sherston Parva, Wiltshire|Sherston Magna with Sherston Parva]]
*[[Shrewton, Wiltshire|Shrewton]]
*[[Slaughterford, Wiltshire|Slaughterford]]
*[[Keynes, Somerford, Wiltshire|Somerford Keynes]]
*[[Sopworth, Wiltshire|Sopworth]]
*[[South Marston, Wiltshire|South Marston]]
*[[South Newton, Wiltshire|South Newton]]
*[[South Savernake, Wiltshire|South Savernake with Brimslade and Cadley]]
*[[Southbroom, Wiltshire|Southbroom]]
*[[Stanton Fitzwarren, Wiltshire|Stanton Fitzwarren]] <span id="fck_dom_range_temp_1246309145542_739" />
*[[Stanton St Bernard, Wiltshire|Stanton St Bernard]]
*[[Stanton St Quintin, Wiltshire|Stanton St Quintin]]
*[[Stapleford, Wiltshire|Stapleford]]
*[[Staverton, Wiltshire|Staverton]]
*[[Ashton Steeple, Wiltshire|Steeple Ashton]]
*[[Langford, Steeple, Wiltshire|Steeple Langford]]
*[[Stockton, Wiltshire|Stockton]]
*[[Stratford Sub Castle, Wiltshire|Stratford sub Castle]]
*[[Stratford Tony, Wiltshire|Stratford Tony]]
*[[Stratton St Margaret, Wiltshire|Stratton St Margaret]]
*[[Sutton Benger, Wiltshire|Sutton Benger]]
*[[Sutton Manerville, Wiltshire|Sutton Mandeville]]
*[[Sutton Veny, Wiltshire|Sutton Veny]]
*[[Swallowcliffe, Wiltshire|Swallowcliffe]]
*[[Swindon, Wiltshire|Swindon]]
*[[Swindon New Town, Wiltshire|Swindon New Town]]
*[[Teffont Evias, Wiltshire|Teffont Evias]]
*[[Teffont Magna, Wiltshire|Teffont Magna]]
*[[Tidcombe and Fosbury, Wiltshire|Tidcombe and Fosbury]]
*[[Tilshead, Wiltshire|Tilshead]]
*[[Tisbury, Wiltshire|Tisbury]]
*[[Tockenham, Wiltshire|Tockenham]]
*[[Toyd Farm with Allenford, Wiltshire|Tollard Royal Farm with Allenford]]
*[[Trowbridge, Wiltshire|Trowbridge]]
*[[Trowbridge Holy Trinity, Wiltshire|Trowbridge Holy Trinity]]
*[[Tytherington, Wiltshire|Tytherington]]
*[[Tytherton Kellaways, Wiltshire|Tytherton Kellaways]]
*[[Upavon, Wiltshire|Upavon <span id="fck_dom_range_temp_1246309852607_278" />]]
*[[Upton Lovell, Wiltshire|Upton Lovell]]
*[[Upton Scudamore, Wiltshire|Upton Scudamore]]
*[[Urchfont with Stert, Wiltshire|Urchfont with Stert]]
*[[Wanborough, Wiltshire|Wanborough]]
*[[Warminster, Wiltshire|Warminster]]
*[[Warminster Chirist Church, Wiltshire|Warminster Christ Church]]
*[[West Ashton, Wiltshire|West Ashton]]
*West Dean
*[[West Grimstead, Wiltshire|West Grimstead]]
*[[West Harnham, Wiltshire|West Harnham]]
*[[West Kington, Wiltshire|West Kington]]
*[[West Knoyle, Wiltshire|West Knoyle]]
*[[West Lavington, Wiltshire|West Lavington]]
*[[Westbury, Wiltshire|Westbury]]
*[[Westport St Mary, Wiltshire|Westport St Mary]]
*[[Westwood, Wiltshire|Westwood]]
*[[Whaddon, Wiltshire|Whaddon]]
*[[Whiteparish, Wiltshire|Whiteparish]]
*[[Whitsbury, Wiltshire|Whitsbury]]
*[[Wilcot, Wiltshire|Wilcot]]
*[[Wilsford, Wiltshire|Wilsford]]
*[[Wilsord cum Lake, Wiltshire|Wilsford cum Lake]]
*[[Wilton, Wiltshire|Wilton]]
*[[Winfield, Wiltshire|Wingfield]]
*[[Winsley, Wiltshire|Winsley]]
*[[Winterbourne Bassett, Wiltshire|Winterbourne Bassett]]
*[[Winterbourne Dauntsey, Wiltshire|Winterbourne Dauntsey]]
*[[Winterbourne Earls, Wiltshire|Winterbourne Earls]]
*[[Winterbourne Gunner, Wiltshire|Winterbourne Gunner]]
*[[Winterbourne Monkton, Wiltshire|Winterbourne Monkton]]
*[[Winterbourne Stoke, Wiltshire|Winterbourne Stoke]]
*[[Winterslow, Wiltshire|Winterslow]]
*[[Wishford Magna, Wiltshire|Wishford Magna]]
*[[Woodborough, Wiltshire|Woodborough]]
*[[Woodford, Wiltshire|Woodford]]
*[[Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire|Wootton Bassett]]
*[[Wootton Rivers, Wiltshire|Wootton Rivers]]
*[[Worton, Wiltshire|Worton]]
*[[Wroughton, Wiltshire|Wroughton]]
*[[Wylye, Wiltshire|Wylye]]
*[[Yatesbury, Wiltshire|Yatesbury]]
*[[Yatton Keynell, Wiltshire|Yatton Keynell]]
*[[Zeals, Worchestershire|Zeals]]
<li>[[Wiltshire Online Parish Clerks]]
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*[[Wiltshire Online Parish Clerks]]
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Civil Parishes of Wiltshire[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of the civil parishes of Wiltshire, England. Click on a parish name to go to the parish Wiki article for research information:

Civil Parishes of Wiltshire

A[edit | edit source]

  • Aldbourne
  • Alderbury
  • Alderton
  • All Cannings
  • Allington
  • Alton Barnes
  • Alton Priors
  • Alvediston
  • Amesbury
  • Ansty
  • Ashley
  • Ashton Keynes
  • Atworth with South Wraxall
  • Avebury
  • B[edit | edit source]

  • Barford St Martin
  • Baverstock
  • Baydon
  • Beechingstoke
  • Bemerton
  • Berwick Bassett
  • Berwick St James
  • Berwick St John
  • Berwick St Leonard
  • Biddestone
  • Bishop's Cannings
  • Bishopstone (near Salisbury)
  • Bishopstone (near Shrivenham)
  • Bishopstrow
  • Blackland
  • Blunsdon St Andrew
  • Boscombe
  • Bower Chalke
  • Box
  • Boyton
  • Bradford-on-Avon
  • Bradford-on-Avon Christ Church
  • Bramshaw
  • Bratton
  • Bremhill with Foxham and Highway
  • Bremilham
  • Brinkworth
  • Britford
  • Brixton Deverill
  • Broad Blunsdon
  • Broad Chalke
  • Broad Hinton
  • Broad Town
  • Brokenborough
  • Bromham
  • Broughton Gifford
  • Bulford
  • Burbage
  • Burcombe
  • Buttermere
  • C[edit | edit source]

  • Calne
  • Calstone Wellington
  • Castle Combe
  • Castle Eaton
  • Charlton (near Malmesbury)
  • Charlton (near Pewsey)
  • Charlton All Saints
  • Cherhill
  • Cheverell Magna
  • Chicklade
  • Chilmark
  • Chilton Foliat
  • Chippenham with Tytherton Lucas
  • Chirton
  • Chiseldon
  • Chitterne All Saints
  • Chitterne St Mary
  • Chittoe
  • Cholderton
  • Christian Malford
  • Chute
  • Chute Forest
  • Clarendon Park
  • Clatford Park
  • Clyffe Pypard
  • Codford St Mary
  • Codford St Peter
  • Colerne
  • Coleshill
  • Collingbourne Ducis
  • Collingbourne Kingston
  • Compton Bassett
  • Compton Chamberlayne
  • Coombe Bissett
  • Corsham
  • Corsley
  • Cricklade St Mary
  • Cricklade St Sampson
  • Crudwell
  • D[edit | edit source]

  • Damerham
  • Dauntsey
  • Derry Hill
  • Devizes St John the Baptist
  • Diltons Marsh
  • Dinton
  • Ditteridge
  • Donhead St Andrew
  • Donhead St Mary with Charlton
  • Downton
  • Draycot Cerne
  • Draycot Foliat
  • Durnford
  • Durrington
  • E[edit | edit source]

  • Earldoms
  • East Coulston
  • East Grafton
  • East Grimstead
  • East Harnham
  • East Kennett
  • East Knoyle
  • Easton Grey
  • Easton Royal
  • Ebbesbourne Wake
  • Edington
  • Eisey
  • Enford
  • Erlestoke
  • Etchilhampton
  • Everleigh
  • F[edit | edit source]

  • Fifield Bavant
  • Figheldean
  • Fisherton Anger
  • Fisherton Delamere
  • Fittleton
  • Fonthill Bishop
  • Fonthill Gifford
  • Fovant
  • Foxley
  • Froxfield
  • Fugglestone
  • Fullaway
  • Fyfield
  • G[edit | edit source]

  • Garsdon
  • Great Bedwyn
  • Great Chalfield
  • Great Somerford
  • Grittleton
  • Groveley Wood
  • H[edit | edit source]

  • Ham
  • Hankerton
  • Hannington
  • Hardenhuish
  • Heddington
  • Heytesbury
  • Heywood
  • Highway
  • Highworth with Sevenhampton
  • Hill Deverill
  • Hilmarton
  • Hilperton
  • Hindon
  • Hinton Parva
  • Hippenscombe
  • Holt
  • Homington
  • Horningsham
  • Huish
  • Hullavington
  • Hungerford
  • I[edit | edit source]

  • Idmiston with Porton
  • Imber
  • Inglesham
  • K[edit | edit source]

  • Keevil
  • Kemble
  • Kingston Deverill
  • Kington St Michael
  • Knook
  • L[edit | edit source]

  • Lacock
  • Landford
  • Langley Burrell
  • Langley Fitzurse
  • Langley Wood
  • Latton
  • Laverstock
  • Lea and Cleverton
  • Leigh
  • Leigh Delamere 
  • Liddington
  • Limpley Stoke
  • Little Bedwyn
  • Little Chalfield and Cottles
  • Little Cheverell
  • Little Langford
  • Little Somerford
  • Littleton Drew
  • Long Newnton
  • Longbridge Deverill with Crockerton
  • Luckington
  • Ludgershall
  • Lydiard Millicent
  • Lydiard Tregoz
  • Lyneham
  • M[edit | edit source]

  • Maddington
  • Maiden Bradley
  • Malmesbury
  • Manningford Abbas
  • Manningford Bohune
  • Manningford Bruce
  • Marden
  • Market Lavington
  • Marlborough St Mary the Virgin
  • Marlborough St Peter and St Paul
  • Marston Meysey
  • Martin
  • Melchet Park
  • Melksham
  • Mere
  • Mildenhall
  • Milston
  • Milton Lilbourne
  • Minety
  • Monkton Deverill
  • Monkton Farleigh
  • N[edit | edit source]

  • Netheravon
  • Netherhampton
  • Nettleton
  • Newton Tony
  • No Man's Land
  • North Bradley
  • North Bradley Christ Church
  • North Newnton
  • North Savernake
  • North Tidworth
  • North Wraxall
  • Norton
  • Norton Bavant
  • Nunton and Bodenham
  • O[edit | edit source]

  • Oaksey
  • Odstock
  • Ogbourne St Andrew
  • Ogbourne St George
  • Old Sarum
  • Orcheston St George
  • Orcheston St Mary
  • Overton
  • Overton Heath
  • P[edit | edit source]

  • Patney
  • Pertwood
  • Pewsey
  • Pewsham
  • Pitton and Farley
  • Plaitford
  • Poole Keynes
  • Potterne
  • Poulshot
  • Preshute
  • Purton
  • R[edit | edit source]

  • Ramsbury with Axford
  • Redlynch
  • Rodbourne Cheney
  • Rollestone
  • Rowde
  • Rushall
  • S[edit | edit source]

  • Salisbury Cathedral
  • Salisbury St Edmund
  • Salisbury St Martin
  • Salisbury St Thomas
  • Salisbury the Close of the Canons of the Cathedral Church
  • Seagry
  • Sedgehill
  • Seend
  • Semington
  • Semley
  • Shalbourne
  • Sharncote
  • Shaw
  • Sherrington
  • Sherston Magna with Sherston Parva
  • Shrewton
  • Slaughterford
  • Somerford Keynes
  • Sopworth
  • South Marston
  • South Newton
  • South Savernake with Brimslade and Cadley
  • Southbroom
  • Stanton Fitzwarren
  • Stanton St Bernard
  • Stanton St Quintin
  • Stapleford
  • Staverton
  • Steeple Ashton
  • Steeple Langford
  • Stockton
  • Stourton
  • Stratford sub Castle
  • Stratford Tony
  • Stratton St Margaret
  • Sutton Benger
  • Sutton Mandeville
  • Sutton Veny
  • Swallowcliffe
  • Swindon
  • Swindon New Town
  • T[edit | edit source]

  • Teffont Evias
  • Teffont Magna
  • Tidcombe and Fosbury
  • Tilshead
  • Tisbury
  • Tockenham
  • Tollard Royal Farm with Allenford
  • Trowbridge
  • Trowbridge Holy Trinity
  • Tytherington
  • Tytherton Kellaways
  • U[edit | edit source]

  • Upavon
  • Upton Lovell
  • Upton Scudamore
  • Urchfont with Stert
  • W[edit | edit source]

  • Wanborough
  • Warminster
  • Warminster Christ Church
  • West Ashton
  • West Dean
  • West Grimstead
  • West Harnham
  • West Kington
  • West Knoyle
  • West Lavington
  • Westbury
  • Westport St Mary
  • Westwood
  • Whaddon
  • Whiteparish
  • Whitsbury
  • Wilcot
  • Wilsford
  • Wilsford cum Lake
  • Wilton
  • Wingfield
  • Winsley
  • Winterbourne Bassett
  • Winterbourne Dauntsey
  • Winterbourne Earls
  • Winterbourne Gunner
  • Winterbourne Monkton
  • Winterbourne Stoke
  • Winterslow
  • Wishford Magna
  • Woodborough
  • Woodford
  • Wootton Bassett
  • Wootton Rivers
  • Worton
  • Wroughton
  • Wylye
  • Y[edit | edit source]

  • Yatesbury
  • Yatton Keynell
  • Z[edit | edit source]

  • Zeals

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