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The FamilySearch Wiki is a website where the genealogy and Family History communities can write and update research advice for any locality. We’re eager to build this site to suit your needs, and we’d love to see you contribute your knowledge, as well!

Where to Start[edit | edit source]

Help-Getting Started Black Icon.png

Getting Started on the Wiki
Completing the basics

Help-Search Black Icon.png

Browsing the Wiki
Navigating the site

Help-Edit Black Icon.png

Editing the Wiki
Help with editing, linking, templates and more

Help-Edit Black Icon.png

User Page and Preferences
Creating a user page and setting preferences

Help-Edit Black Icon.png

Creating Wiki Pages
    Creating and renaming wiki pages

Help-Technical Information Black Icon.png

Technical Information
Instructions for Support and Sysops

Help-Images and Files Black Icon.png

Images and Files
Uploading images and using images in files

Help-Resources and Lists Black Icon.png

Resources and Lists
Handy reference information for contributors

Help-Guiding Principles and Policies.png

Principles and PoliciesHelp:Guiding principles and policies
Community standards for contributors

Help-User Page Black Icon.png

Community Meetings
Collaborate and communicate with other users