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WikiProject New York Gotoarrow.png Meeting Agendas Gotoarrow.png Meeting Minutes

Minutes 22 Sep 2011[edit | edit source]

Thursday 22 September 2011

  1. New York Moderator (DSammy) remarks
  2. Proposed adoption of the FamilySearch Wiki:WikiProject New York page as the project home page (approved)
  3. Choose a time and place for the next three WikiProject New York meetings (Every Thursday 1:00 p.m.)
  4. Choose a project leader (David Dilts approved)
  5. Take time to have each participant "register" by adding a project logo to their User page (discussed)
  6. Discuss and delegate someone to set up a section of the home page telling how to reach each WikiProject New York member. (Danielle Batson approved, telephone numbers disapproved)
  7. Discuss and adopt a tentative preliminary project schedule including sprints (phases), if any (discussed possibility of three week sprints)
  8. Tentatively prioritize project task list (discussed)
  9. Discuss WikiProject New York Progress Chart (discussed)
  10. Discuss and define the first task for project participants (discussed)
  11. Discuss and adopt project rules (approved with modifications)
To be called "Framework" rather than "Rules"
Prefer term "teaching" to "pedagogical"

12. Discuss and adopt project model New York county style page (approved with modifications)

Request to review possible flat or flatter structure next week
All headings approved from top down to Taxation with these notations
Considerable discussion about "Ethnic, Political, or Religious Groups"
Repositories approved as header, but decided to remove sub-headers by turning them into bold words rather than level 5 headers:
Archvies, Libraries, and Museums (bold)
Courthouses (bold)
Family History Centers (bold)
Societies (bold)
Decided to place "Social Groups Online" as a separate header outside repositories heading

Minutes 29 Sep 2011[edit | edit source]

Thursday 29 September 2011

1. This week's agenda approved
2. Last week's minutes approved. "Historical Fact" confirmed again as header in place of "Organizational Facts"
3. Insert the following in your User page: {{user WikiProject New York}}
4. Multiple access numbers: approved:

In WikiProject NY citations cite library access numbers in the following order:
  • Online copies (up to 3) with the best first, like this, "Internet Archive online copy; Google Books online copy; Geronimo online copy;"
  • WorldCat template listing like this, "At various libraries (WorldCat);"
  • FHL template listing like this, FHL Film xxxxxx; Book xxx.
Separate each type of access number with semi-colons, but end with a period.

5A. We are mostly following precedents set for Illinois project.
5B. We encourage greater use of template for wording that will be repeated on multiple pages approved. Beth accepted assignment to create a page listing such templates and explaining how to create and use them.
6A. Images of courthouses have been removed from info boxes. Request that we use smaller images about 200px to save space for text.
6B. "Record Loss" section will be removed only AFTER a diligent search fails to find any record loss approved
6C. We will remove stub templates from pages approved
6D. Cramped look of info box, Random Acts box and pictures. David will figure out a way to make it look better.
7. Chicago Manual of Style citation style reviewed (see Albany County Bible Records citation)

  • Name of author in spoken order, followed by a comma,
  • Title in italics – no period at the end
  • Publication data in parenthesis - where published, colon, publisher, comma, and year of publication – close parenthesis, comma (if page number follows, but period if NO page number)
  • Page number(s) followed by period
  • Access info. Up to 3 online copies (best first), WorldCat, and FHL Film; Fiche, and Book numbers if available, each separated by a semi-colon but ending with a period
  • Annotation which explains why a genealogist would use that item

8. Bullets, indentations, dated list - be consistent through the whole page

  • prefer indented bullets approved
  • items in a series should get bullets. Items NOT in a series should not get bullets.
  • addresses will not be indented (but we will look at examples next week before a final decision)
  • start dated lists with the dates first and in bold

9. NY will have both neighboring counties lists, and maps of neighboring counties approved Beth will create neighboring county maps, hopefully with links the counties.
10. Towns in a County maps. Dsammy will create a map showing the towns in each county for NY.
11. Repositories. approved

  • IF 4 or fewer repositories/county, give each repository name its own level-5 header like:
===== Albany County Courthouse =====
===== Albany New York Family History Center =====
===== Rensselaerwijk Historical Society =====
===== Yankee Pioneer Museum =====

  • IF 5 or more repositories/county, group the repositories under the appropriate level-5 category-headers like:
===== Archives, Libraries, and Museums =====
===== Courthouses =====
===== Family History Centers =====
===== Societies =====

12. Danielle will write instructions for Repositories, begin work on Vital Records


  • David will find a way to relieve clutter after info boxes.
  • Beth will create a page with growing list of templates to be used on New York county pages.
  • Beth will add neighboring county maps for each county.
  • Sammy will add town maps for each county.
  • Danielle will write instructions for working on Repositores in NY counties.
  • Each participant will select two or three counties and work on repositories; report next week.