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Below is a sortable list of historical AdkinsWH/Sandbox County Newspaper pages, compiled November, 2013. It provides: 1) links to online copies before 1950's; and libraries where hard copies can be found

The newspapers are listed by the area they served, so some may have been published in other counties or even out of state.

Suggested: don't put the date compiled. The need is for the user to know when to look for more, and when a team knows to come and update. When someone updates, put the last updated in.

  • Have both compiled and update date -- automated on the page
  • New users: probably won't care
  • Single update: added a newspaper or a URL :

Suggested: do a first pass, then go find later ones in a 2nd pass Table is a mix of microfilm and online. There is the choice

Sortable Table

For meaning of codes, see the Key below.

Town Title of newspaper Years
Languages Libraries with
hard copies


This key is a list of sites used when the list was originally compiled in November, 2013. As you find other early newspapers, please update the key as well as the sortable table.

Code Site name Remarks ($)
CA Chronicling America Select State, then County, and click Search. Click on a title, then on "Libraries that have it"
GB Genealogy Bank Click "List of Titles"
NA Newspaper Archive ($) Slide down and click Browse by location. Under "United States," select "Washington" Click "See papers by location," click "List" (very small lettering, next to Newspapers Map), type "Washington" in the search box
Own The link is to the newspaper's own site
SOS Washington Secretary of State


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