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Beef up the FSL ordering, since photodup is much better now than before empahsize microfilm. AdkinsWH 13:31, 22 May 2013 (UTC)

  • Category:Obtain and Search the Records - Very important page to update. Perhaps this is the core page, rather than the one I'm creating records vs book media Is there something the family has? adapt the Obtain the Records page? Probably not, since it is one of the published, highly edited ones.

Note: include WorldCat, Google Books, Inter-library loan, FHC's WorldCat. See what books are near your zip code (About) Unless there is a good explanation, people can't really use it easily Ordering Microfilm or Microfiche Community Meeting Agenda 6 October 2009 has discussion on worldcat, inter-library loan, etc. FamilySearch Wiki:Contributors Meeting 27 September 2012 also. Interlibrary loan is a separate page. Public (digitizing resource) ; family records also in gaining accessAdkinsWH 03:42, 8 May 2013 (UTC)

There is value in getting people to the FHLC, particularly due to its quirkiness. Not that they are listed in the FSL, but that there are records there that can be ordered to a FSC - available through other means. Photodup - they have added a line that lets Lise get access. Not have to go through an FSC. No browse and look, only lookup. Email the request and they would respond with a digital copy. (Cook county withdrew the images).