User group meeting agenda & minutes 10 September 2008

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Proposing ideas for this agenda[edit | edit source]

To propose or discuss ideas for this agenda, please use the Discussion tab above. As the meeting draws near, we will review the items proposed on the Discussions page and decide which ones should get highest priority on the agenda.

Agenda[edit | edit source]

Administrative items[edit | edit source]

  1. Assignment of time keeper and note taker
  2. Introduction of new members: 10 seconds for name and desired takeaways.
  3. Prayer --
  4. Review of Minutes
  5. Today's agenda preview

Information items[edit | edit source]

Discussion items[edit | edit source]

Creating anchors to a specific place in a page does not work when adding the wiki text for doing so. The Revolutionary War page works properly on the first five states but the Civil War does not work at all.

Carryover from Last Week[edit | edit source]

  • Tracking changes to a page -- Mollie Forbes

The Recent Changes page can be accessed by going to Special pages in the tool box. The default number is 50 changes but a higher number can be selected. By default all name spaces are included and you can select a specific name space.

The name of the page links to the page itself. The name of the user who made the changes is included along with a link to the user talk page. The link labeled "contribs" will take you to a list of that user's talk page.

m indicates a minor edit

You can click on My preferences and then the tab recent changes then check the "Enhanced recent changes" box to see the recent changes in a shorter list by showing each page only once.

New Items[edit | edit source]

  • How to add citations

We will defer the lenghty discussion of this until next week so everyone can come prepared to discuss the issue.

  • Open Discussion

This is a new item for the user group meetings. What are the problems you are encountering, what questions do you have? Things that are working well, things that are not working? We can talk about best practices here. The beauty of the wiki is that we can do it in a variety of ways. The discussion pages can be used also. Jimmy illustrated this with the Talk:Indigenous Peoples of Oklahoma page.

David Samuelson asked about using a workspace or the Sandbox to integrate the material into the appropriate page. Adding in the information on the Sandbox, the go to the wiki text mode and copy the information and then past into the appropriate page. Wilma uses her personal page as a sandbox.

Change a page name
Use the move tab on the page which retains the links and page history. Pages are not deleted when they are moved. Redirects are not required when you use "Move". David pointed out some a problem with redirects and the topic will be investigated to be sure we have all the details needed to address the issue.

When is the use of a bullet list or a column or a paragraph or a table layout best in presenting a list of items.

Minutes[edit | edit source]

Facilitator was [Add name here], Note taker was [Add name here], Time keeper was [Add name here].

Prayer by [Add name here]

At the start of this week's user group meeting, there were 3,958 registered users of the FamilySearth Wiki.  That is an icrease of 103 registered users over the last week.

Attendees[edit | edit source]

Jimmy Parker, Mollie Forbes, David Samuelson, James Anderson, Baerbel Johnson, Wilma Adkins, Joan Healey, Fran Jensen, Darris Williams

Remote Attendees[edit | edit source]

(Mollie), Thomas_Lerman, Debbie Edward, Lise Embley

Items Discussed[edit | edit source]

Action Items[edit | edit source]

We should come up with a best practice recommendation for presentation of long lists of information. Wilma would like to have one of the usability experts at the Joseph Smith Building come talk about best practices. Darris will identify and arrange for a guest speaker for the Wiki User Group.