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Have worked on ancestry for my own family and my husband's family tree. On finding a multitude of genealogical websites, and information online for European ancestry I checked for my home province, and at that time there was virtually nothing online . It has been exciting to be involved with the Saskatchewan Gen Web over the years and watch information come online, and Saskatchewan acquire a web presence especially in the field of history and genealogy.

Over the same span, I made several contributions to wikipedia regarding Saskatchewan its history, culture and geography. Bringing my experience with wikipedia and Sask Gen Web seemed natural when developed their wiki pages. My focus is Saskatchewan, Canada, expanding in areas and topics to the other two prairie provinces, Alberta and Manitoba.

It is a pleasure to be able to assist researchers with their genealogical endeavours, and I, along with the Saskatchewan GenWeb and its members welcome you to contribute; If you are wishing to also contribute, check out some of the links offered below to get started

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