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Major sections [edit | edit source]

[These are the top things we want the community to notice when they arrive. Each of these items will be set off with an image that metaphorically represents the item.]

  1. Give Back -- Learn to edit wiki pages. Then find writing projects and support projects that need help. [Add top-requested areas link.] [Image: hands holding seedling?]
  2. Meet and Talk -- Ask questions, give advice, and discuss ideas via meetings and forums.[Image: hands shaking, people talking, ?.]
  3. See What's New -- Read the latest at the Community News Stand or see a summary of current discussions.[Image: newspaper?]
  4. Thank Others -- Recognize others for their contributions to the wiki and other community ventures.[Image: trophy, blue ribbon, ?.]
  5. Share Successes -- Share stories about when the wiki helped you find an ancestor. [Image: ?]

Community Leaders of the Month[edit | edit source]

[This is a strawman of types of contributors we could recognize.]

  • Scribes (Quality award winners: bronze, silver, gold awards for articles that achieve defined quality standards). [Image: trophy or blue ribbon.]
  • Heavy Lifter (Top wiki contributor by character volume.)
  • Mole Whacker (top wiki contributor by number of edits.) [Image: muscle flex.]
  • Pony Express Rider (for highest number of forum posts).
  • Catalyst (by number of registered wiki users that have the recruiter's "contributors recruited or trained by Joe Shmoe" category on their user page). 
  • Barn Raisers (For most active project team measured by edit volume in characters on pages that have a specific project category on them): Texas WikiProject Team