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Lehi Utah FamilySearch Center Classroom

Although our building is currently closed for in-person classes, we offer classes online using Zoom technology. Below is a list of classes, when they are
being offered, and links to register.

Register, Class Description, Handouts

You can register for one of our classes by clicking on the Details/Register link to the right of any of the classes, then clicking on the registration link for the date and time you wish to attend. Here you will also find a class description and class handouts.


Zoom is an online communication tool, which allows us to provide classes for you wherever you are in the world. An account is not required to use this service. For help with Zoom, select one of the links below.

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  3. Technology requirements for Mobile Devices/Tablets, Windows/Mac

Online Class Offerings

Class Schedules:
January 2021
February 2021

*All classes will start on time. You may join any zoom class up to 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

Ward/Stake Leadership & Consultant Classes

Stake & Ward Council Leaders: Temple & Family History Work - Mark Van Orden

This class will help stake and ward leaders understand their role in helping to make temple and family history a prominent focus in the life of children, youth, adults and families. Organizational principles on the stake and ward levels will be addressed.

Class Handouts
Stake & Ward Council Leaders (T&FH) Leadership Training

Upcoming Dates

  • None scheduled at this time

Temple & Family History Consultant Preparation - Ralph Stephens

The goal is for the Consultants to gain a VISION and understanding of the RESPONSIBILITIES of their calling. A portion of the classes will provide an introduction to INSPIRATIONAL ACTIVITIES.

Class Handouts
T & FH Vision and Responsibilities
T & FH Consultant Activities

Upcoming Dates

FamilySearch Classes

FamilySearch Basics - Ralph Stephens

Part 1: FamilySearch Intro and Family Tree

This class is an overview of FamilySearch, concentrating on the front page information, account settings, the help menu and navigating in the Tree.

Class Handouts
FamilySearch Overview

Upcoming Dates

Part 2: FamilySearch Person Page

This class covers how to use the Person page in FamilySearch tree. Please have a family tree established in FamilySearch before attending this class.

Class Handouts
The Person Page

Upcoming Dates

Part 3: FamilySearch Records

This class covers how to search for sources in FamilySearch and other sites. Please have a family tree established in FamilySearch before attending this class.

Class Handouts
Searching For Records

Upcoming Dates

Part 4: FamilySearch Records (continued)

This class is the second part of How to search for records in FamilySearch and other sites. Please have a family tree established in FamilySearch before attending this class.

Class Handouts
No Class Handout

Upcoming Dates

Turning Hearts with Memories in FamilySearch - Ralph Stephens

Pictures and stories are a wonderful way of preserving our family history. This class will assist you in learning how to use photos, documents, stories and audio in the FamilySearch program.

Class Handouts

Upcoming Dates

Discovering Descendancy Research - Neal Beecher

Those with pioneer heritage may find it challenging to discover new names to take to the temple. This class will teach you effective ways to find the names of your distant cousins to take to the temple. You should have experience with using FamilySearch before taking this Class.

Class Handouts
Discovering Descendancy Research
Descendancy Class Exercise - Print Before Class

Upcoming Dates

Individuals and Relationships: Add, Edit & Delete - McKay Hendrix

This class will cover a variety of scenarios as information is added, edited, or deleted from within a person's Details page in FamilySearch.

Class Handouts
Individuals and Relationships

Upcoming Dates

Using the FamilySearch Wiki – Julie Wilcox

The Family Search WIKI is an amazing but underused resource. It is a free tool for finding information about subjects, records that may have been generated by your ancestors, and places in which records may be found. It is like an online encyclopedia for family history research. Learn how to use this great tool to improve your own research.

Class Handouts
The FamilySearch Wiki

Upcoming Dates

Finding Duplicates and Merging Records on Your Family Tree – Julie Wilcox

Unfortunately we all have some duplicate records on our family trees. In this class you will learn how to find those duplicate records and then correctly merge them. Class Handouts
Finding Duplicates and Merging Records

Upcoming Dates

Discover, Gather & Connect Classes

Using Google to Organize Your Photos - Judi Rowe

Part 1

Manage and organize your photos with Google Photos. Learn the three ways photos can be stored: photo library, facial recognition and albums. Learn how to navigate google photos and set up your phone to receive all photos taken and free up memory on your phone.

Class Handouts
Google Photos - Part 1

Upcoming Dates

Part 2

Learn how to edit your photos, edit facial groupings and edit albums in Google Photos.

Class Handouts
Google Photos - Part 2

Upcoming Dates

Writing your Personal and Family Histories – Mark Van Orden

Many members of the Church do not know where to begin in generating their personal or family history. This class will help you get started and teach you the basics on effective ways to write a personal or family history using both text and pictures.

Class Handouts
Writing Your Personal and Family Histories

Upcoming Dates

Quick and Easy Family History Activities – Mark Van Orden

This class will introduce you to some quick, easy and fun family history activities that you can do with your family. It is a great way to get started with family history.

Class Handouts
Quick and Easy Family History Activities

Upcoming Dates

Indexing Classes

Indexing - Part 1 - Kathy Farnes

Indexing is a great way to help with family history. Learn how to index data, such as birth and death records, marriage certificates, census documents, etc.

Class Handouts
Indexing Terms
Indexing Helps
Indexing Guidelines
Indexing Ruler
Indexing Icons

Upcoming Dates

Indexing - Part 2 - Kathy Farnes

This class will teach you more about indexing and how to become a reviewer.

Class Handouts
Indexing - Part 2

Upcoming Dates

Family History Research Classes

Find Your Family Through Census Records - David Brewer

Country, State, and local census records track the location, family members, and many other bits of information that can often lead to profound discoveries. Learning how to find your family in them can often be a tricky task. We will talk about some of the ways to get the most out of those valuable records.

Class Handouts
Census Analysis - Part 1
Census Analysis - Part 2
US Census Headings 1790-1860
US Census Headings 1870-1930
Using the Census to Find Other Records
US-UK-Canadian Cenus Forms

Upcoming Dates

Discover Family History Through Military Records - Julie Wilcox

Military records can provide a wealth of information that can help you get to know your ancestors better and may even provide data found nowhere else. This class will discuss a variety of military records and how to find them.

Class Handouts
Finding Family History Through Military Records

Upcoming Dates

Finding Death, Burial and Cemetery Records - Julie Wilcox

Can't find a death certificate? This class will help you learn about death certificates and a variety of alternate sources for death and burial records. Each death record tells a story and may provide important clues to help you find and learn about your ancestors.

Class Handouts
Finding Death, Burial and Cemetery Records

Upcoming Dates

Five Minute Family History Success - Julie Wilcox

President Nelson has invited us to sacrifice a little of our time doing family history work. Even if you only have a few minutes of time, there are many family history activities you can do. This lesson will show you over twenty ways you can do a little family history every day.

Class Handouts
Five Minute Family History Successes

Upcoming Dates

Crossing the Pond – Finding Emigration and Immigration Records - Julie Wilcox

No description

Class Handouts

Upcoming Dates

Newspapers Are a Genealogical Treasure - Julie Wilcox

Everyone knows obituaries are a family history treasure. This class will help you understand that newspapers can help you learn so much more about an ancestor. We will show examples of news you can find and explain how to find the right newspapers and information about newspaper websites.

Class Handouts
Newspapers are a Genealogical Treasure

Upcoming Dates

Tips and Tricks for Improving Your Search Results - Julie Wilcox

We can all use a little help sometimes! We will demonstrate some of my tips and tricks for improving your family history search for information about your ancestors.

Class Handouts
Tips and Tricks for Improving Your Search

Upcoming Dates

Finding Your Cousins Through Descendancy Research and Puzzilla - Julie Wilcox

Learn how to use Descendancy Research through and FamilySearch to expand your family tree

Class Handouts
Descendancy Research - Expand Your Family Tree

Upcoming Dates

Finding Your Danish Ancestors - Julie Wilcox

You don't have to speak the language to do Danish Research! In this class you will learn about how to begin searching for your Danish ancestors using key web sites to aid in Danish research. You can do it!

Class Handouts
Finding Your Danish Ancestors

Upcoming Dates

Ancestry Classes

Class 1 - Getting Started using Ancestry to support FamilySearch – Art Robbins

This class will show you how to create an Ancestry account - Transfer your FamilySearch tree into your own private or public Ancestry Tree – and then a quick overview of the Ancestry website. The overview is a quick summary of the website and not a detail of any feature within the website.

Class Handouts
Getting Started with Ancestry
Upcoming Dates

Class 2 - Using Ancestry to research your family – Search Tips – Art Robbins

This class will start with an imported tree from FamilySearch and identify all the different methods of researching individuals using Ancestry: Hints – the 1 to 50 hints that show up with a tiny leaf. Search – the Ancestry search engine which might show 100,000 potential records for your person. How to validate the record, Which records are most valid, How to narrow the search, How to search specific record types, How to research using other person’s public and private trees, and How to attach all those records to your individual.
Class Handouts
Using Ancestry to research your family
Upcoming Dates

Class 3 - Transferring Ancestry data to FamilySearch database – Art Robbins

This class will demonstrate the link between Ancestry and FamilySearch and how to use this link to import data, records, and information between the two databases. This link will also demonstrate how to add more individuals to your Ancestry tree, How to generate temple cards, and to modify and change links between individuals in your tree. The class will also demonstrate how to transfer media files (pictures, and stories) between the two websites.
Class Handouts
Using Transferring Ancestry data to FamilySearch database
Upcoming Dates

Class 4 - Using DNA to support Ancestry and FamilySearch – Art Robbins

This class will start with purchasing an Ancestry DNA kit, Activation of that kit, and then connecting the DNA data to your Ancestry tree. Once you have a DNA-Ancestry tree – Details on how to use DNA to validate your tree, locate new family members, and use all the DNA features in Ancestry to support your Family Tree.
Class Handouts
Using DNA to support Ancestry and FamilySearch
Upcoming Dates

Links to Online Classes at Other Centers

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