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A Barn-Raising is an activity the entire community can participate in, it changes based on the community's needs. See what's happening now and for the future. News of Wiki Support efforts will also be reported here.
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This area (plus the sidebar list) will be used to highlight one or two active Wiki Projects which will be rotated periodically. This box will report project status and announcements

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Illinois State Project

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Things you can do to build a better WikiAssist Wiki Support in helping the communityJoin the discussions about the Wiki's futureShare your ideas about improving the WikiMake sure your local information is up to dateFind a research group that shares your interestsHelp with projects from around the worldA barn-raising is a community effort that benefits all.  Click here if you want to learn more about Barn Raising (article).Hub BarnRaising faded image.jpg

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Image map above only goes to temporary links and the bullet hub coloration (currently blue) can be modified to any desired color.

Some of these elements were taken from Caleb's page (had to construct a relative div box to eliminate a patrolling issue).

"fake" left sidebar copied from one of Charles' sandbox pages

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Note: (update: successfully demonstrated on June 10th) I am toying with the idea of a "poor man's javascript" wherein since we cannot have a page change elements within itself in real time (as the FS website does), would it be possible to create a "time trigger" using parser functions and conditional expressions. The idea being that each time a page (specifically the Get Involved page) is called up or is refreshed that items such as the "advertizing" boxes and sidebar (each separately controlled) could be automatically changed based on a time factor. This time factor could be based on minutes, hours, weeks, months, day of the week, day of the month, odd or even values, etc. This poor man's javascript would result in the easy updating of "news and accomplishments information" by using templates that would be displayed based on said time trigger. In playing with the equations so far it currently looks possible and is worth pursuing farther.
Also note that a manual trigger should be developed so the reader can access each template individually (just in case they are looking for something they saw earlier). This could be as simple as having "1 2 3 4" links to each template.

The first "advertising" box can be used to highlight the current or upcoming barn raising or wiki support projects. The second box (and the sidebar) can be used to highlight one or two different Wiki projects and or their status (or accomplishments). Both boxes and sidebar should be rotated with different "advertising" on a staggered monthly basis to maintain interest and patron return to this page (basically a project news center).

The bullet background color and transparency can be lightened and the option to change the image or have no image is always available.

The image below is a possible depiction of the "home page" design using familysearch themes and color schemes (header box with white text and matching accent colors placed sparingly on the page). Obviously the text on this page is strictly for example purposes only.

Note: It was mentioned at the May 29 support meeting that color coding for different experience levels may be useful (beginner, new contributors, experts). The color coding below could be used to designate those color codes.

I liked Charles' test page (I believe it was ...Sandbox/ProjectPage5) using the image (like on familysearch) and his slogan. Paraphrased a little and put it together with the Home page Title line (see below). When I remake the image I will include the same in the diagram below.

An actual mock up of these images can be found at


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