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Purpose: get enough information about the Historical Records collections so they can be done by code, not manually for each state we Transfer. Get the list of states from list of states


  • Project number
  • Page name from Lean More
  • Actual link that will be transferred to each county by code


  1. Pick one county from the new state
    1. Best to duplicate the county page, so you can link from one of them easily and the other keeps your search
  2. In the WikiText page, Search for "RecordSearch"
  3. In the clickable page, click on the link
  4. Copy the project number from URL
  5. Copy page name from Learn More (3 left clicks)
  6. Copy the link from the county page
  7. go to the next link

Important FS extras found:[edit | edit source]

On co pgs as RecordSearch|1494476| Catholic Diocesan records Toledo - several counties

Cuyahoga co probate


Begin[edit | edit source]

Link #1

Link #2

Link #3

Link #4

Link #5

6 7 8[edit | edit source]

Link #6

Link #7

Link #8

9 10 11[edit | edit source]

Link #9

Link #10

Link #11

12 13 14[edit | edit source]

Link #12

Link #13

Link #14

15 16 17[edit | edit source]

Link #15

Link #16

Link #17