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=Gary C Robinson=
=Gary C Robinson=
===Contact Information===
===Contact Information===
Email -- gary.robinson@familysearch.org
Email -- gary.robinson@familysearch.org

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About Me

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Gary C Robinson[edit | edit source]


Contact Information[edit | edit source]

Email -- gary.robinson@familysearch.org

Family[edit | edit source]

Five children
19 grandchildren
3 great grandchildren

Where I am and where I have been[edit | edit source]

Currently live in Saratoga Springs, Utah
Lived in Utah my entire life
Traveled for business and pleasure across the United States, Canada, Europe, South America, and Australia
Lived in Australia for three months on work assignment
Lived in France for two years as a missionary

Education[edit | edit source]

Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering (University of Utah)

Professional Experience[edit | edit source]

  • Engineer at a TV and Radio Broadcasting company
  • Engineer, Sales, Marketing. and Business Development
at an international telecommunications and data equipment company
  • Self-employed contractor for an international company
  • Sales at a local telecommunications company
  • Created company with my wife to create online elearning modules for businesses
  • Served as President of the American Fork Rotary Club
  • Currently retired

Church Experience[edit | edit source]

Currently serving as a Ward Temple and Family History Consultant
Past Church Callings

  • Stake Executive Secretary and High Councilor
  • Bishopric Counselor and various Ward and Assistant Ward Clerk positions
  • Young Mens President and various Scouting positions
  • Various teaching roles in Sunday School, Primary, and Priesthood Quorums

Family History Experience[edit | edit source]

Began significant family history research in 2015
Learned skills through every resource I could find and then applied them to my efforts
Began teaching two different monthly Wiki classes in early 2018 at the Lehi FamilySearch Center
Served on Wiki Special Projects Team and FamilySearch Places Team during Covid19 closures

Past Missions[edit | edit source]

  • France Paris mission as a young man
  • Church Service Missionary at the Lehi FamilySearch Center

Hobbies and Interests[edit | edit source]

Reading books
Learning about World War 2 history
Visiting and learning about historic places
Ballroom dancing (in the past)

Things most people don't know about me[edit | edit source]

  • Have been on top of over 100 mountain peaks in Utah and surrounding states
  • Had a Top Secret Clearance with the National Security Agency