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   Phillip Dunn, B.A. (British Local History), A.G.®, APG[edit | edit source]

Phillip is a genealogist with nearly 30 years professional experience in genealogical research procedures and is an  experienced missing persons/heir-tracer, formerly for two major UK corporations and, more recently with a local law firm. The son of English parentage, he has lived, studied and lectured in the UK, and is a specialist in especially London, Lancashire and Cheshire, military, British subjects abroad, Nonconformists (i.e. Presbyterian & Huguenots), England West Midlands, Emigration, and England's big cities research.

Education[edit | edit source]

  • Bachelors: British Local History, BYU (1983) 

          Minor: Public Relations & Organizational Communications/Pipe Organ Pedagogy

Credentials[edit | edit source]

Accredited Genealogist® in England: 1983-present  ICAPGEN, Salt Lake City, UT

Accredited Genealogist® in Scotland: 2007-present  ICAPGEN, Salt Lake City, UT 
Currently working towards AG® in Ireland, late 2010 - with ICAPGEN, Salt Lake City, UT

Experience[edit | edit source]

  • Sr. Research Consultant, British Research Unit, The Family History Library: 1998-present
  • Sr. Project Manager, Family Records Extraction 1993-1998 [England 1851, Canadian 1881 censuses, Temple Ordinance Index, 1880 US census, Ellis Island Index projects; Key learnings: We'll produce more Indexes faster by extracting/indexing only the critically necessary fields in each record type, i.e. 'Ford Mustang' model? or big Cadillac?]
  • Family History Center Support Specialist over British Isles and (old) Commonwealth countries, N. Europe and South Pacific FHCs 1991- 1992
  • British Correspondence Specialist 1982-1991
  • Reference Consultant, British Reference Unit, Family History Library: 1979-1981
  • Reference Consultant, US/Canada: 1977-1979
  • Stake Extraction (Indexing) Director: England 1851 census 1995-1997

Lecturer and Presenter at the following locations:[edit | edit source]

  • BYU Family History Conferences: 2008, 2007, 2005, 2004, etc.
  • BYU Education Week
  • FFHS Annual Conference on British Genealogy: 2004
  • BYU Computer Genealogy Conference: April, 2010
  • Guest Lecturer, "The London Workshop", Toronto, Ont. Chapt OGS: Nov 2008
  • Utah Valley University, Continuing Education, Genealogy Instructor: 2002-2010
  • Featured Lecturer, the St Augustine, FL Genealogical Society, British Gen Fair, Nov 2007
  • Family History Expos: Salt Lake City 2009, Mesa AZ 2010, Sheridan, WY 2009
  • Generations Project (PBS) series (KBYU TV): March 14th segment, 2010

Published[edit | edit source]

  • Journal of the British Isles Family History Society - U.S.A., 2009 " Tracing London and Big City Ancestors from Abroad"
  • Author:  Guide to Ancestral Research In London (ISBN: 0-961260-7-4) 1987; revised 1995 & 2009

Classes Taught[edit | edit source]

  • Tracing the British Abroad
  • England Genealogical Research
  • Tracing Elusive Ancestry in England's Big Cities!
  • Solving Old-case & Hard-case Lancashire Ancestry
  • Finding 'Grace': Tracing English Nonconformist Ancestry
  • Legitimacy & Illegitimacy in England Genealogical Research
  • Lost In London: How to Quick-Find Those Elusive London Ancestors!
  • Research in a Snap! Cutting-Edge & Gateway Web Sites for British & Irish Ancestry
  • Researching the 'Big Black Hole': Methods for Tracing/Proving Pre-1837 English Ancestry
  • Using England's Lesser-Used Records to Trace Ancestry. Lecture I:  Poor-Law Records 1835-1925
  • Using England's Lesser-Used Records to Trace Ancestry. Lecture II:  Tracing the Poor Before 1834 in Parish Chest Records!
  • Using England's Lesser-Used Records to Trace Ancestry. Lecture III: Land Tax Assessments, Electoral Rolls, Directories,  Chancery, n' more

Associations[edit | edit source]

The Society of Genealogists, London

The Association of Professional Genealogists

The National Genealogical Society, Arlington, VA

Online Activity[edit | edit source]

Blogger: British Heritage Forum  

FamilySearch Wiki

"Expert Connect": 

Professional Development Activities[edit | edit source]

Professional Genealogical Research

Currently compiling & writing book on "Big City Ancestral Research in England"

Currently writing two articles (as of this update) for publication in professional journals: "Merchant Maritime Records for British Ancestry" and, "A New Critical Look at 'Compiled Sources': A Modern Review and View of the Most Ignored 'Step' in "The Preliminary Search!"'