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Welcome to the New York Project.

As we learned from the past Barn-raisings and other WikiProjects, we can progress faster and sooner from experiences. Very likely we can finish the project well before proposed January 31 deadline.

The New York Project is literally in 3 stages, ranging from very early format to current format. The first “half” of the counties are more of current while the last “half” are in very very old format.

Do not worry about the Municipalities and Communities templates. They are being updated now and there are some concerns about “Communities” portion due to several factors, of which David Dilts will explain briefly. We will deal with this portion in later meetings and concentrate on county page information first. Request for assistance on towns and communities getting set up AND linked can be posted on my talk page so I can attend to them as needed instead of trying to be labor-intensive. Each request has to be evaluated based on the amount of record availability and other factors. Keeseville, New York is an exception to this because it is split in two counties (village in one and community in other, across the county line).

Don’t be alarmed if you find “hidden” pages with odd-named urls (like Dutchess County cemetery page, this page is marked for massive overhaul to display information in easy to understand format. Dilts has been informed of this page.) List these odd pages on talk page for the Project, this way we can tackle them.

Also there are some peculiarities of two categories which are automatic and are not resolved yet. These categories are “Towns in New York” and “Cities in New York”.

Some assignments have been made and other assignments haven’t been made.

David Dilts made a clear list of “to-do” for this Project every one can see and know where we are at the moment.

Some rules had been proposed for actions during this phase of the project.

Now I will turn over to David Dilts to explain the plan. And there are some items not listed on the Project page, David will explain them in subsequent meetings.

David Dsammy 18:53, 22 September 2011 (UTC)