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Training for PA-Roots

mi-roots page
Chose county, click to open county For our example, we will use Iron County.
Iron county roots page

As you look at this page, you will then need to decide if the page has enough information to be put on the County's Webpage. I would say 2 or more listings would be a yes. Another example that will be a yes Allegan County Michigan
If yes, then, on the Wiki Sandbox page, go to Website section:
Edit Source on Sandbox page
Copy and paste the following at the top of the section.

) THIS IS THE LINK I JUST CHANGED!!! It should work better for you now :)

You will have to change the county http link so it goes to the county and not just to Iron county.

Preview to verify. Save.

If no, go on to the next county on the MI-Roots page.