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[[File:Dennis Bretz.jpg|150px|left]]
[[File:Dennis Bretz.jpg|150px|thumb|left]]
My name is Dennis Bretz and I am a Wiki Support Missionary.
I converted to the church sixteen years ago. I have served as High Priest Instructor, Ward Executive Secretary, Ward Librarian, and Young Single Adult Leader, among others.
I live in Lenexa, KS - which is a suburb of Kansas City. I retired after being a Software Engineer for 35 years, and a High School Math and Computer Science teacher for 10 years.
I hold a BA in Mathematics from Arizona State University.
I'm working on a novel and a book of short stories. I root for the Chicago White Sox and the Kansas City Chiefs. Yes, I'm a fan of Patrick Mahomes.
In my retirement, I enjoy not mowing the lawn.
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[[Category:User en]]

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