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My name is Caryn Lowther and I am a WIKI Missionary. I live in Homewood, IL, a south suburb of Chicago.
I have 3 grown daughters, 4 grandchildren and 3 cockatiels. When we moved here from Pocatello, ID. in 1987, I was 8 months pregnant with our last daughter. The next year I began serving on the staff of the Chicago Heights Family History Center and I have continued as a Temple and Family History consultant since then.
My ancestors are mostly German. One grandfather was a Methodist minister who joined the church in Germany, another joined in Minnesota, and my mother's parents converted in Milwaukee, WI. Thanks to my husband's English heritage we can identify with the Earl of Lonsdale, the Lowther crest, and our daughters could qualify for the DAR.
I met my husband, a nonmember, in Lawrence KS while attending the University of Kansas. At commencement he was the last in line of the PHDs and I the first of those getting a M.A. Our first daughter was born in Lawrence while I was in the midst of taking a final exam. We spent 4 years in Iowa where he taught biology, we added one daughter, and I briefly taught Physical Geography.
I enjoy playing Tenor recorder, singing alto with a community chorus, group exercise classes and sending packages to my daughters and their families in Iowa, Ohio and New Yew York. In 2005 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and treated successfully. I worked as a US census enumerator in 2000 and 2010, and have served as an election judge since 2008. I have attended many genealogy conferences. In 2011 I was at a conference in Dubuque IA and was so glad to have something to focus on other than the 9/11 tragedy. In 2020 I got to attend ROOTSTECH in person. I like working on my family tree in Family Search to add references and connect new relatives.
My church ward is a small one and I have had the chance to be Family History Center director, Relief Soc. president and most recently Primary president. My favorite church calling is as a CTR teacher in Primary which I have done several times. I am grateful to learn more about the Family Search WIKI. I have two email accounts; caryn.lowther@sbcglobal, where I mostly receive emails, and caryn.lowther@email for friends and family.