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{| class="wikitable sortable"
{| class="wikitable sortable"
!Given Name !! Last Name !! class="unsortable"|Married Name !! class="unsortable"|Relationship !! Pilgrim or Colonist !! class="unsortable"|FamilySearch Family Tree ID
!Given Name !! Last Name !! class="unsortable"|Married Name !! class="unsortable"|Relationship !! Pilgrim, Colonist, or Servant !! class="unsortable"|FamilySearch Family Tree ID
| John || Alden || || || || [https://www.familysearch.org/tree/person/details/LQR9-JCJ LQR9-JCJ]
| John || Alden || || || || [https://www.familysearch.org/tree/person/details/LQR9-JCJ LQR9-JCJ]

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Given Name Last Name Married Name Relationship Pilgrim, Colonist, or Servant FamilySearch Family Tree ID
John Alden LQR9-JCJ
Priscilla Mullins Priscilla Alden Wife of John Alden LR92-T7W
William Mullins Father of Priscilla Mullins 9WZ5-B59
Alice Alice Mullins Wife of William Mullins 93HC-5C1
Isaac Allerton LY9K-M99
Mary Norris Mary Allerton Wife of Isaac Allerton M1GY-PHB
Bartholomew Allerton Son of Isaac Allerton LK5W-8N2
Remember Allerton Daughter of Isaac Allerton LY2R-R3Y
Mary Allerton Daughter of Isaac Allerton LZF7-MGY
John Billington LYTM-KVW
Elinor Elinor Billington Wife of John Billington M3TY-K59
Francis Billington Son of John Billington L5VQ-JGP
William Bradford 9HCJ-14M
William Brewster LH2V-RD6
Mary Mary Brewster Wife of William Brewster LH5W-4T5
Love Brewster Son of William Brewster L5BC-FV2
Peter Browne LTF2-W8G
James Chilton LYJD-72P
Mrs. James Chilton Mrs. James Chilton Wife of James Chilton  G7L3-2D6
Mary Chilton Daughter of James Chilton LBB7-YX6
Francis Cooke LZ2F-MM7
John Cooke Son of Francis Cooke 99WH-WYF
Edward Doty KH2Z-65D
Francis Eaton LZPF-LR2
Sarah Sara Eaton Wife of Francis Eaton G96J-55P
Samuel Eaton Son of Francis Eaton LZG1-HNV
Moses Flether LV96-W8F
Edward Fuller LZLK-XYP
Mrs. Edward Fuller Mrs. Edward Fuller Wife of Edward Fuller LCMZ-3M9
Samuel Fuller Son of Edward Fuller LCT5-CL3
Samuel Fuller LZV2-D62
Stephen Hopkins LVQ1-FMH
Elizabeth Fisher Elizabeth Hopkins Wife of Stephen Hopkins L5F1-4C9
Constance Hopkins Daughter of Stephen Hopkins LTGV-JVQ
Giles Hopkins Son of Stephen Hopkins L848-MF3
John Howland LZK8-1X7
Elizabeth Tilley Elizabeth Howland Wife of John Howland LZ8B-H42
John Tilley Father of Elizabeth Tilley L71L-S22
Joan Hurst Joan Tilley Wife of John Tilley L6LP-Q85
Richard More LB5Q-Y42
Degory Priest LYXM-V3F
Thomas Rogers LZG9-SMC
Joseph Rogers Son of Thomas Rogers K6QT-BK5
Henry Samson LCJG-5B8
George Soule 9V4Z-GD1
Myles Standish LVCG-3JV
Richard Warren KXML-7XC
William White D6XT-GJT
Susanna Jackson Susanna White Wife of William White LXSW-DDM
Resolved white Son of William White L5B7-N5K
Peregrine White Son of William White LS6Z-HZ3
Edward Winslow LCR8-TZ9