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Optional Instructions[edit | edit source]

How to Add an Image[edit | edit source]

Submitting an Image to the FamilySearch Wiki for Approval[edit | edit source]

1. Click the upload file/image link on the far left menu.

FH aff lib 11.jpg

2. Fill out the form on the page and then click send file at the bottom of the page.

3. Someone from the FamilySearch Wiki team will upload your file and notify you when it's ready.Please allow up to four business days for us to respond.

Adding the Image to Your Page[edit | edit source]

1. Open the page the image is on in your browser.

2. The name of the file will be at the top of the page. Copy the name onto your clipboard.

FH aff lib 2.PNG

3. Go to the page where you want to add the image.

4. Click the edit tab close to the top of the page.

FH aff lib 3.PNG

5. Place the cursor where you want the image to be on the page.

6. Click insert.

FH aff lib 4.PNG

7. Select media.

FH aff lib 5.PNG

8. Paste the name of the image file in to the search box.

FH aff lib 20.PNG

9. Select the image you want to use by clicking on it and click the blue button that says "use this image".

FH aff lib 7.PNG

10. Add a caption, if wanted and click insert.

FH aff lib 8.PNG

11. Click Save changes.

FH aff lib 9.PNG