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<!--* Step-by-Step Research: [[Step-by-Step Alabama Research, 1880-Present|1880-Present]]-->
<!--* Step-by-Step Research: [[Step-by-Step Alabama Research, 1880-Present|1880-Present]]-->
| FS_URL_01 = [[GuidedResearch:California|California Guided Research]] | FS_URL_02 = [[California_Research_Tips_and_Strategies#California_Record_Finder|California Record Finder]] | FS_URL_03 = [[California Research Tips and Strategies|Research Tips and Strategies]] | FS_URL_04 = Step-by-Step Research: [[Step-by-Step California Research, 1850-1905|1850-1905]] &#124; [[Step-by-Step California Research, 1905-Present|1905-Present]]

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| FS_URL_04 = Step-by-Step Research

| FS_URL_01 = California Guided Research | FS_URL_02 = California Record Finder | FS_URL_03 = Research Tips and Strategies | FS_URL_04 = Step-by-Step Research: 1850-1905 | 1905-Present

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