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What the Wiki is[edit | edit source]

  • Non-profit
  • Written content is under Creative Commons license, however, some FamilySearch images are copyrighted. Be sure to view the license attached to any FamilySearch images before using or sharing to avoid breaking copyright laws.
  • Links to free and subscription websites regarding genealogy databases, records, images, websites, research strategies, repositories, archives, government agencies, or anything else helpful to a user to locate their ancestor.
  • Written from a neutral point of view representing fairly and without bias all significant views of family history related topics that have been published by reliable sources. This allows those who use and depend on the knowledge contained within the Research Wiki to see and try all techniques and suggestions for finding records about their ancestors. Neutral point of view also requires the citation of sources that are authoritative and verifiable.
  • Articles should cite authoritative sources whenever possible.
  • Be kind and courteous regarding edits and talking to fellow users on talk pages.

What the Wiki is not[edit | edit source]

  • Discussions of religion, politics, ethnicity, culture, and history should be only discussed in relation to family history research and record keeping.
  • The Wiki should not store copies of source documents except when showing sample documents, especially associated with Historical Records collections.
  • Biographical information about an individual should not be included unless it's used to describe a record or used in a case study to illustrate a research process or principle.
  • Does not list individuals in index form or a repository of individual information.
  • Avoid personal points of view, personal opinion, personal experiences, or arguments.
  • The Research Wiki is not the place to include personal testimonials, stories of research success, or advertising platforms.
  • Not an advertising platform and should not be slanted overwhelmingly to any one vendor's products.
  • A place for edit wars and do not fight over competing viewpoints. Use the Tips to Avoid Disputes and the guidelines to the Dispute Resolution process to help guide your efforts to resolve differences on your own.
  • Profanity or profane slang will not be accepted in any form or language.

Guideline Links[edit | edit source]

Research Wiki Guidelines and related links