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This information will be updated as we determine the best ways to serve our guests, keep our staff safe, and align with guidance from the leadership of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and local government guidelines during these uncertain times.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)[edit | edit source]

1. When will the Family History Library re-open?[edit | edit source]

We currently do not have a precise opening date. We will announce a date when it has been approved, and when we can do so safely for our staff and our guests.

2. What will the process be to re-open?[edit | edit source]

The Family History Library will re-open in 3 phases:

  • Phase 1: Open by reservation only, 2-3 days a week, limited hours, professional researchers working for clients will have priority, no groups (or small groups)
  • Phase 2: An intermediate phase gradually shifting between Phase 1 and Phase 3.
  • Phase 3: Regular days and hours, all services, open to all.

3. What days will the Library be open?[edit | edit source]

See FAQ 2.

4. What will the hours be?[edit | edit source]

See FAQ 2.

5. What precautions are you taking to protect Library users and staff, and minimize risk of infection?[edit | edit source]

We hold the safety of our staff and our guests in the utmost importance. We will follow state guidelines regarding social distancing, limiting the number of guests and staff on each floor, wearing masks, frequent hand-washing, and thorough cleaning of the building. Hand-sanitizing stations are available on each floor. We ask that guests and staff stay home if they are experiencing any of the symptoms of COVID-19. Books and films that have been used will not be shelved until the following morning. Online consultations will be available to assist guests both on-site in the Library and remotely.

6. Will I be required to wear a mask?[edit | edit source]

Yes, during Phase 1 (see FAQ 2).

7. What services will be available?[edit | edit source]

The following services will be available during the Phase 1 re-opening:

  • A limited number of staff
  • Reference consultations (when needed, they will take place online)
  • High Density retrieval
  • Computer stations
  • Books, microfilm, and microfiche (will be refiled each morning from previous day's usage)
  • Restrooms
  • Hand-sanitizing stations on each floor
  • Elevators (social distancing practices should be followed as possible)

8. What services will be available at a later date?[edit | edit source]

  • Main floor Discovery experiences
  • Vending services and snack room
  • Drinking fountains (small water bottles will be available at no charge, you may continue to bring in your own water bottles)
  • Printing and photocopying service
  • Earphones (recommended for online consultations)

9. Will I be able to use the books and microfilm/fiche?[edit | edit source]

Yes. Books, microfilm, and microfiche will be available for use and will be refiled each morning from the previous day's usage.

10. Will the vending machines and snack room be open? What about drinking fountains?[edit | edit source]

No, the vending machines and snack room will not be open during Phase 1. The drinking fountains will be turned off and small water bottles will be available at no charge. As usual, you will be allowed to bring a tightly sealed water bottle to the Library.

11. Will I be allowed to research on multiple floors?[edit | edit source]

Not during Phase 1. We ask that you please remain on the floor(s) you made an appointment to visit. We will allow access between the US and Canadian resources on the 2nd and 3rd floors.

12. Why are you giving preference to professional researchers?[edit | edit source]

We understand that many professional researchers depend on the Family History Library’s resources for their livelihood. The Library’s closure has significantly affected their ability to continue research for their paying clients. Because of this, during the Phase 1 opening, we will give preference to professional researchers.

13. Who is considered a professional researcher?[edit | edit source]


14. Will research specialists be available if I have a question?[edit | edit source]

Yes. Some research specialists will be in the Library and others will be available online to answer your questions via Microsoft Teams. These online consultations have video and audio capability as well the option to share screens to best understand and answer your research questions.

15. When will you open with regular days/hours?[edit | edit source]

A full re-opening is dependent on the local COVID-19 infection rate, as well as direction from Church and state authorities. We do not yet have a date set for a full re-opening.

16. If my 3-hour morning appointment is up and there are still openings in the afternoon, may I stay to research?[edit | edit source]

Yes. *** WE DON'T TALK ABOUT THIS ANYWHERE ELSE ON THE PAGE... WHERE DOES IT GO? (I was hoping it would be addressed with the Phase descriptions.) ***

17. My genealogy group would like to visit the FHL. Are you admitting groups?[edit | edit source]

During Phase 1 (see FAQ 2) we will not be admitting groups. ***unless it's a group of under 15??****

18. I would like to bring my youth group to visit the Family History Library Discovery Center. Can we come?[edit | edit source]

During Phase 1, the Discovery Experiences will not be available.