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<center>{{Infobox U.S. County 2016
<center>{{Infobox U.S. County 2016
|organized= 25 December 1832
|county seat=
|county seat= Carrollton
|parent county= [[Columbiana County, Ohio Genealogy|Columbiana]], [[Stark County, Ohio Genealogy|Stark]], [[Harrison County, Ohio Genealogy|Harrison]], [[Jefferson County, Ohio Genealogy|Jefferson]], [[Tuscarawas County, Ohio Genealogy|Tuscarawas]]
|parent county= [[Columbiana County, Ohio Genealogy|Columbiana]], [[Stark County, Ohio Genealogy|Stark]], [[Harrison County, Ohio Genealogy|Harrison]], [[Jefferson County, Ohio Genealogy|Jefferson]], [[Tuscarawas County, Ohio Genealogy|Tuscarawas]]
|variant spellings=
|variant spellings=
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{{OH Websites Intro|Carroll}}
{{OH Websites Intro|Carroll}}
*[http://catalog.ohiohistory.org/Presto/home/home.aspx?ssid=State_Archives Local Gov't Records by County] at [http://catalog.ohiohistory.org/Presto/home/home.aspx Ohio History Connection] — Browse their list; records are not online.
*[https://ohiomemory.org/digital/custom/browse?field=place Custom Browse] at [https://ohiomemory.org/digital/ Ohio Memory] — Select a county (or a place using alphabet bar), then browse various sections on left sidebar.
*[http://usgenwebsites.org/OHCarroll/  Carrol County OHGenWeb]
*[http://usgenwebsites.org/OHCarroll/  Carrol County OHGenWeb]
*[http://ldsgenealogy.com/OH/Carroll-County.htm Carroll County OH Genealogy]
*[http://ldsgenealogy.com/OH/Carroll-County.htm Carroll County OH Genealogy]
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== References ==
== References ==
<references />
<references />
[[Category:Carroll County, Ohio]][[Category:Ohio Counties]]

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Guide to Carroll County, Ohio ancestry, genealogy and family history, birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, family history, and military records.

County Facts
County seat: Carrollton
Organized: 25 December 1832
Parent County(s): Columbiana, Stark, Harrison, Jefferson, Tuscarawas
Neighboring Counties
Stark  • Columbiana  • Jefferson  • Harrison  • Tuscarawas County
See County Maps
Carroll County, Ohio Courthouse.jpg
Location Map
OH carroll.png

County Information[edit | edit source]

Description[edit | edit source]

The county was named for Charles Carroll of Carrollton, the last surviving signer of the Declaration of Independence. It's county seat is Hamilton and was founded January 1, 1833. It is located in the Eastern area of the state.[1]

County Courthouse[edit | edit source]

Carroll County Courthouse
119 South Lisbon Street
Carrollton, Ohio 44615

Carroll County Website
Phone: 330.627.4886

Carroll County Courthouse
119 Public Square
Carrollton, OH 44615-1448
Phone: 330.627.4886

Court Clerk has divorce and court records from 1833.
Probate Court has birth and death records 1867-1909, marriage and probate records from 1833.
County Recorder has land records from 1833.
Board of Health has birth and death records from 1909.[2]

Carroll County, Ohio Record Dates[edit | edit source]

Information for this chart was taken from various sources, often containing conflicting dates. This information should be taken as a guide and should be verified by contacting the county and/or the state government agency.

Known Beginning Dates for Major County Records[3]
Birth* Marriage Death* Court Land Probate Census
1867 1833 1856 1867 1833 1826 1820
Statewide registration for births and deaths started in 1908. General compliance year is unknown.

Record Loss[edit | edit source]

There is no known history of courthouse disasters in this county.

Boundary Changes[edit | edit source]

Populated Places[edit | edit source]

Populated Places
For a complete list of populated places, including small neighborhoods and suburbs, visit Hometown Locator. The following are the most historically and genealogically relevant populated places in this county:[5]

Unincorporated communities
Census-designated places

History Timeline[edit | edit source]

Additional Information

Charles Carroll.JPG

The county is named after Charles Carroll (1737-1832), a signer of the Declaration of Independence.[6]

Resources[edit | edit source]

Bible Records[edit | edit source]

For an extensive list of resources for Bible Records see Ohio Bible Records.

Biographies[edit | edit source]

Business, Commerce, and Occupations[edit | edit source]

Cemeteries[edit | edit source]

Cemeteries of Carroll County, Ohio online and in print
Tombstone Transcriptions Online
Tombstone Transcriptions in Print (Often more complete)
List of Cemeteries in the County
See Ohio Cemeteries for more information.


Census Records[edit | edit source]

Historical populations
Census Pop.
1840 18,108
1850 17,685 −2.3%
1860 15,738 −11.0%
1870 14,491 −7.9%
1880 16,416 13.3%
1890 17,566 7.0%
1900 16,811 −4.3%
1910 15,761 −6.2%
1920 15,942 1.1%
1930 16,057 0.7%
1940 17,449 8.7%
1950 19,039 9.1%
1960 20,857 9.5%
1970 21,579 3.5%
1980 25,598 18.6%
1990 26,521 3.6%
2000 28,836 8.7%
2010 28,836 0.0%
Source: "Wikipedia.org".

Church Records[edit | edit source]

Church records and the information they provide vary significantly depending on the denomination and the record keeper. They may contain information about members of the congregation, such as age, date of baptism, christening, or birth; marriage information and maiden names; and death date. For general information about Ohio denominations, view the Ohio Church Records wiki page.

Court Records[edit | edit source]

Directories[edit | edit source]

Emigration and Immigration[edit | edit source]

Ethnic, Political, and Religious Groups[edit | edit source]

Funeral Homes[edit | edit source]

Genealogies[edit | edit source]

Guardianship[edit | edit source]

Land and Property Records[edit | edit source]

Land and property records can place an ancestor in a particular location, provide economic information, and reveal family relationships. Land records include: deeds, abstracts and indexes, mortgages, leases, grants and land patents.

See Ohio Land and Property for additional information about early Ohio land grants. After land was transferred to private ownership, subsequent transactions were usually recorded at the county courthouse and where records are currently housed.

Local Histories[edit | edit source]

Local histories are available for this county. County histories may include biographies, church, school and government history, and military information. For more information about local histories, see the wiki page section Ohio Local Histories.

Maps and Gazetteers[edit | edit source]

Stark CountyColumbiana CountyJefferson CountyHarrison CountyTuscarawas CountyOH CARROLL.PNG
Click a neighboring county
for more resources

Migration[edit | edit source]

Military Records[edit | edit source]

Civil War
Civil War service men from Carroll County served in various regiments. Men often joined a company (within a regiment) that originated in their county. Listed below are companies that were specifically formed in Carroll County.

World War I

Naturalization and Citizenship[edit | edit source]

Newspapers[edit | edit source]

Carroll County newspapers often contain genealogical value including obituaries, births, marriages, deaths, anniversaries, family gatherings, family travel, achievements, business notices, engagement information, and probate court proceedings.

For more Ohio newspaper information see Ohio Newspapers and Obituaries.

Finding More Ohio Newspapers[edit source]

Additional newspapers abstracts can sometimes be found using search phrases such as Carrol County Ohio newspapers in online catalogs like:

Obituaries[edit | edit source]

Other Records[edit | edit source]

Land Property


Public Records[edit | edit source]

Periodicals[edit | edit source]

Probate Records[edit | edit source]

From 1797 or the creation of the county, probate records were held by the Court of Common Pleas. After 1852, records are held by the Carroll County Probate Court. Records include wills, estates, guardianships, naturalizations, marriage, adoption, and birth and death records (1867-1908 only). The records may give the decedent's date of death, name of spouse, children, parents, siblings, in-laws, neighbors, associates, relatives, and their place of residence.

See Ohio Probate Records for information about how to use probate records.

Online Probate Records

School Records[edit | edit source]

Tax Records[edit | edit source]

Ohio tax records complement land records and can be used in place of censuses before 1820 or to supplement the years between censuses. Because only persons who owned taxable property were listed, many residents were not included in tax lists. There may also be gaps of several years in the tax records of some counties.

Vital Records[edit | edit source]

Vital records consist of birth, death, marriage and divorce records. Marriages were usually recorded from the formation of the county and are held at the office of the County Probate Court. Divorce records are located with the county Clerk of Courts.

Any existing birth and death records from 1867 through December 19, 1908 are located at the County Probate Court. The Ohio Department of Health has birth records filed after December 20, 1908 and death records filed after January 1, 1954, while the Ohio History Connection houses death records from December 20, 1908 through December 31, 1953.

Birth[edit | edit source]

Marriage[edit | edit source]

Death[edit | edit source]

Divorce[edit | edit source]

Research Facilities[edit | edit source]

Archives[edit | edit source]

Family History Centers[edit | edit source]

Family History Centers provide one-on-one assistance and free access to premium genealogical websites. In addition, many centers have free how-to genealogy classes.

  • Carroll County Public Library Family History Center
  • Stark County District Library Family History Center

Libraries[edit | edit source]

Museums[edit | edit source]

Societies[edit | edit source]

The Carroll County, Ohio Genealogical SocietyWebsite

The Carroll County Genealogical Library
24 2nd St. NE, Carrollton, Ohio
Phone: 330-627-9411

Websites[edit | edit source]

Research Guides[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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