The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Sweden

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Conferences[edit | edit source]

Date Conference/District Notes
26 June 1853 Skåne Conference Consisted of four branches, viz., Skönabäck, Malmö,
Lomma, and Lund. Also called Södra Skånska Conference (1853-1921). Called Malmö conference 1921-1927 and Malmö district 1927-1996. Organized as a stake 1 September 1996.
29 December 1854 Stockholm Conference Became Stockholm district in 1927. Became the first stake in Sweden 20 April 1975.
5 September 1857 Göteborg Conference The Göteborg Conference was combined 1870 with the
Norrköping Conference and was known as the Jönköping Conference for a couple of years. 1872 the headquarters moved to Göteborg and it was again called the Göteborg Conference. 1927 became the Göteborg district. On 20 November 1977 became the Göteborg Stake.
12 May 1858 Norrköping Conference The Norrköping Conference was combined with the Göteborg Conference in 1870 with the name Jönköping Conference and in 1872 the Göteborg Conference. The Norrköping conference/district was established 1905 and ended 1962.
1 June 1859 Sundsvall Conference Also known as Sundsvall Conference. 1865 became part of the Stockholm Conference. 1902 again organized as the Sundsvall Conference. 1921 changed to the Gävle Conference. 1947 it was the Sundsvall District . In 1962 became the Gävle-Sundsvall district. 1968 became again the Sundsvall district.
1921 Gävle Conference 1921-1932, 1936, 1948-1962.
1937-1939 Norrland District
1947-1962 Luleå District
1947-1962 Jönköping District
1948-1962 Karlskrona District
1962-1968 Gävle-Sundsvalls district
1962-1998 Skellefteå District Became the Umeå District in 1998.
1981-1995 Gävle-Dala District
1998- Umeå District Skellefteå District changed its name to Umeå.