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Governance Council G.C. page
Dorothy Horan
Danielle Batson
Vice Chair
Jeff Svare
Amber Larsen
Ken Nelson
Jane Colmenares
C.C. Rep.
Wiki Management
Dorothy Horan
Wiki Manager
Danielle Batson
Wiki Content Manager
Jeff Svare
Historical Records
Content Manager
Amber Larsen
Wiki Project Supervisor
Heather Mecham
Wiki Team
Taylor Huguely
Wiki Team
Janae Brown
Wiki Team
Virginia Pratt
Wiki Team
Teresa Leake
Operations Management
Kathryn Marshall
Mission Leader
Marie Robinson
Executive Secretary
Charles Smith
Technical Team
Beverly Repouille
Specialist and FHC Directors Help
Rick Long
Specialist and FHC Directors Help
Wilma Adkins
Special Projects
Denise Beaman
Community team
Denise Poulsen
Marilyn Gardner
District and Community Leader
Gary C. and Marie Robinson
District Leader
Lee Ann Chadderdon
District Leader,
Training Instructor
Henny Wong
Training Lead
Jeannette McQueen-Nobbs
Training Instructor
Training Instructor
Lionel Fullwood
Benjamin Bailey
Eileen Bailey
Pamela Leavens
Anja Rebber
Pat Forbes
Diane Humann
Sheila Stai
Martin Pendley
Jerry Hankins
Linda Hankins
Linda Marie Smith
Robert G. Pitman
Lynne A. Davidson
Shauna Kim Leggat
Dennis Bretz
Tery Louise Schantzen
Glenda Ruth Edmunds
Valerie Jo Erickson
Caryn Lowther
Gregory H. Foulger
Elaine Jolicoeur
Missionaries in Training
Linda-Marie Callery
Shannon Isom
Long Term Volunteers
Mari Jackson
Jan Gonzales Glasscock
Kathi Hanna
Sandra Kennedy
Barbara Rogers
Steven Drown
Marilyn Markham
Fred Benson
Community Council C.C. page
Jane Colmenares