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{{US state navigation box/doc}} is a meta-template used for each U.S. state, territory, and the District of Columbia navbox.



The name of the template, which is needed for the "view • talk • edit" links to work properly on all of the pages where the template is used on. You can enter {{subst:PAGENAME}} for this value as a shortcut.
Combines the {{{type}}} and {{{name}}} parameters.
Image to appear at the top left of the template in the titlebar. Only supply the image name, not the full wiki syntax. Example:
flag_image = Flag of New York.svg
Subtitle to appear at the left of each bodyn
There are a total of 8 group/list pairs, so you can use up to group8 and list8. Additional items can easily be added to the template if needed.


Lists the capital below the state
Changes the default background color for the main title and sidebar titles, i.e.
color = #2e8b57
Working examples: {{California}}, {{Maryland}}, and {{Pennsylvania}}.
Changes the default text color for the main title and sidebar titles. Note that you will still need to manually change the color of any wikilinks using a span tag, i.e.
[[List of Nevada counties|<span style="color:#ffd700;">Counties</span>]]
Working examples: {{Nevada}}, {{Maine}}, and {{Hawaii}}.
Used for the seat of government for {{American Samoa}}.
state [autocollapse, uncollapsed, collapsed]
autocollapse: (default) the navigation box will start out collapsed if there are two or more collapsible tables on the same page.
collapsed : the navigation box will always start out in a collapsed state.
expanded or blank : always start out in an expanded state.
Used only on {{District of Columbia}} to say "Capital of the United States" since DC has no capital.
Adds an image to the right of the body area. Use only if there is a lot of extra whitespace at the right side of the body area (for example Template:Hawaii or Template:American Samoa). It is recommended to use a map to fill the space, similar to Template:US county navigation box. Example:
image = [[Image:example.jpg|250px]]



{{US state navigation box
| name    = [[Nevada|<span style="color:black">Nevada</span>]]
| type    = [[U.S. state|<span style="color:>State</span>]]
| capital = [[Carson City, Nevada|<span style="color:>Carson City</span>]]
| color    = silver
| text_color    = black
| flag_image    = Nevada flag.png
| flag_caption  = Flag of Nevada
| template_name = Nevada

| group1 = Nevada counties
| body1 =  
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Churchill County, Nevada Genealogy|Churchill}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Clark County, Nevada Genealogy|Clark}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Douglas County, Nevada Genealogy|Douglas}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Elko County, Nevada Genealogy|Elko}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Esmeralda County, Nevada Genealogy|Esmeralda}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Eureka County, Nevada Genealogy|Eureka}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Humboldt County, Nevada Genealogy|Humboldt}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Lander County, Nevada Genealogy|Lander}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Lincoln County, Nevada Genealogy|Lincoln}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Lyon County, Nevada Genealogy|Lyon}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Mineral County, Nevada Genealogy|Mineral}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Nye County, Nevada Genealogy|Nye}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Pershing County, Nevada Genealogy|Pershing}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Storey County, Nevada Genealogy|Storey}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Washoe County, Nevada Genealogy|Washoe}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|White Pine County, Nevada Genealogy|White Pine}} }}

| group2 = Former counties
| body2 =  
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Bullfrog County, Nevada Genealogy|Bullfrog}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Ormsby County, Nevada Genealogy|Ormsby}} {{!}}}}
{{Nowrap|{{AutoLink|Roop County, Nevada Genealogy|Roop}} }}