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Church parish {{{1}}}
NAD Ref Code: {{{2}}}
National Archive SVAR
Swedish Wikipedia
SCB Congregation map
Open Street map

The template arguments

  1. Name as argument 1 is displayed in the header
  2. NAD Ref Code as argument 2

links are created using Wikidata to

  • The Swedish National Archives free churchbooks SVAR Wikidata P5324
  • SCB maps with the border of the congregation /church parish (only if it existed 2008) - Wikidata P778
  • sv Wikipedia = Swedish Wikipedia that has articles about all church parishes - lang=sv
  • Open Street map
  • Bygdeband a swedish

If param 2 is missing no extra rows should be created...

see also tool hub

Example[edit source]


Valdemarsvik = name shown in the table header compare Valdemarsvik_Parish,_Östergötland,_Sweden_Genealogy
SE/VaLA/03580 = Riksarkivets NAD the unique number of an Swedish Church Archive used by Wikidata to link to the National Archives etc...