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This page will possibly be used in the future as a summary log for maintenance purposes to track response dates (or may potentially be deleted altogether).

Current issues and responses log[edit source]

Feedback comments Submission date Preliminary status Acknowledge date Response Response date
I am updating a series of Facebook lessons for beginners. At present I am developing a lesson on use of the wiki for research. I have left two comments on talk pages of articles that are woefully out-of-date. And most of the pages for new to the wiki are geared to recruiting people to contribute to the wiki, not helping them use it. I found some comments from Janell in 2011-2012 stating the same and suggesting that there should be more of an emphasis on helping people use it. I make the same plea now. We have been working with hundreds of 18-22 yr old LDS Missionaries, and they are lost with the orientation given here Ken Knight 04:41, 16 February 2015 (UTC)

Help talk:Tour The Video Tour is 2-3 years out of date--it begins by telling people how to get to the wiki years ago--not using the present FamilySearch pages. Not only will this not help newbees get on the page, but it will confuse them. Ken Knight 04:24, 16 February 2015 (UTC)

Help talk:Wiki Basics Under “Navigation Boxes (right side of page)” the second item “Share Your Opinion” says it is the second box on the left side of a page. However the second box is “New to the Research Wiki?’ Apparently the purpose of the box has changed. This confusion needs to be clarified. Ken Knight 19:32, 15 February 2015 (UTC)

Help talk:Wiki Help
RE The Family History Research Wikli home page

This is confusing. You have 2 "New to the Wiki" statements (in the "chick" box & in the getting started box (left column), which take you to different places. And they are very similar to the "New to the Research Wiki" in the top left box, which takes you to the same place as Getting Started New to the Wiki link does.

Also, when you click on the chick box, "how to use the wiki" you go to the "Help: Wiki Help" page. The "Wiki Help" tab is confusing, because all but 1 of the 8 topics are about contributing/editing the wiki. This should be made clear--perhaps changing the "how to use the wiki" to "how to contribute to the wiki" and move the Browsing the Wiki and most of its content to something like "Searching the Wiki" And is it reasonable that someone who is "new" to the wiki is interested or capable of contributing to the wiki?

As I stated on a previous page, the organization of the wiki will drive a novice researcher crazy. Clearly delineate the content that will help a researcher (especially neophytes) find information that will help them grow their branch of the family tree. And then put the information that is directed to those who want to contribute, edit, and administer the wiki into a box labeled Contributing to the wiki.

MAKE IT VERY CLEAR that there are TWO SEPARATE UNRELATED THEMES/PURPOSES in/for the wiki Ken Knight 01:44, 18 February 2015 (UTC)

15Feb2015 Forwarding to appropriate personnel 16Feb2015

Help talk:Wiki Basics (Fixed)

Response to Help talk:Wiki Help

I have eliminated one link on the right side bar and made the other one go to the same page. This main page is being reworked, so more changes will be made over time. Thanks for your suggestion User:Giuseppemartinengo 19 February 2015


This page is used to record Feedback commnents and record the responses to the same. Follow-up is necessary to ensure that all feedback is appropriately responded to in a timely fashion.