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Guide to Tavelsjö Parish, Sweden ancestry, family history, and genealogy: birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, family history, and military records.

Tavelsjö Church
Svedjans ChurchTavelsjö

History[edit | edit source]

In 1963 this parish was created from Umeå Landsförsamling.

(2) Tavelsjö church registration district within Umeå county parish was formed on January 1, 1926 when the county parish was divided into two church registration districts. The other district was called Umeå Landsförsamling's southern church registration district, see Umeå Landsförsamling's church archives.

The church registration district ended on January 1, 1963 when Tavelsjö parish, corresponding to the former district, was broken out of Umeå county.

Tavelsjö parish was part of a joint pastorate with Umeå county parish (mother parish).

At the same time as the parish was formed in 1963, Umeå parish, Tegs parish and Tavelsjö parish formed a church community, Umeå parish church community. In addition to the church community, there was also from 1969 a common office for the parishes in Umeå, Umeå church central administration. The community and the central administration contain, among other things, minutes, real estate documents and accounts with personnel and salary documents. The community and the central administration form their own archives.

Umeå parish's church community and Umeå church's central administration were replaced on 1 January 1995 by Umeå church community, which also includes Umeå city parish and Ålidhem parish. As of 1998, Umeå Maria parish is also part of the community.

The parishes in Umeå established a joint cemetery administration in 1969 for the administration of questions about the funeral activities, see Umeå church community, the cemetery administration's archive (-1999). The archive includes minutes, burial books (even before 1969, the oldest from 1890) and other documents concerning funeral activities. The archive includes documents for the period before 1969.

Tavelsjö Parish, Västerbotten, Sweden Genealogy
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Pastorat 1963-2013 annex parish in Umeå parish and Tavelsjö pastorate, 2014-, part of Umeå pastorate, consisting of Umeå city parish, Umeå county parish, Umeå Maria, Tavelsjö, Teg and Ålidhem.
Län Västerbotten
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Place Names[edit | edit source]


Böle, Bussjön, Bjenberg, Bjensjön, Bösta

Degerbäcken, Degernäs



Holmnäs, Häggnäs, Höglund, Högskurun, Hörnefors bruk (Hörnefors mill), Hörnefors Sågverk (Hörnefors Sawmill), Hörneå, Hössjön


Mellansvartbäck, Mosjön

Norrböle, Nordansjö, Norrmjöle, Nyland

Obbola, Slösbäck, Strängnäs, Ström, Strömbäck, Stugunäs, Stöcke, Sörböle, Sörmjöle


Westerberg, Åheden

Öhn, Österberg

Personer utan tillåten vistelse ort (Persons without an approved place of living)

To see what kind of place it is you will need a Swedish Gazetteer.

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Collections[edit | edit source]

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Online Database Church Records[edit | edit source]

The easiest way to access the Swedish Church Records is through the internet, using these five sites (see links to specific collections below). Four of these sites require a subscription for access. (ArkivDigital, Ancestry.com, and MyHeritage.com are available at a FamilyHistory Center near you free of charge.)

Help Using ArkivDigital: Online Databases for Sweden[edit | edit source]

These lessons will teach you how to use ArkivDigital:

Family History Library Records[edit | edit source]

Click Sweden, Västerbotten Records for a full listing of microfilmed records (some digitized online) at the Family History Library, that may be digitized. Check back occasionally to see if your records have become available. In the meantime, some of them might be available at a Family History Center near you.
Click on "Places within Sweden, Västerbotten" and then select your parish.

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References[edit | edit source]

For history (2), refer to Riksarkivet Tavelsjö Kyrkoarkiv under "Visa historik för Tavelsjö kyrkoarkiv".

Umeå Landsförsamling,  Husförhörslängd, 1841-1847, Ort register.