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Scope of page[edit source]

I think the info on the Native Americans and African Americans in the war should be moved to the Indigenous Peoples of the United States Military Records, Canada First Nations, and the African American Military pages. A link to these pages could then be placed on the War of 1812 page as was done for the different countries in the war.

This page's topic, the war in general, is way too broad for any specific information. I think it works best as a "fancified" disambig page directing users to the correct area for their research. The Indigenous Peoples of North America page currently works in this way. I like the page, it is great for things that cover the war in general like documentaries, books, timelines and etc. that don't really fit on the more specific country and ethnic pages, but I think anything that relates to a country or ethnic group specifically should be placed on those pages instead.

-- Lotje2 06:23, 21 July 2012 (UTC)

NARA, War of 1812 Discharge Certificates

Heitman, vol. 1

Maybe add info from vol. 1, pages 51-52, 79-80, 81-104, 106-138, 141-143

Alphabetical list of commisioned officers, vol. 1, p. 147-1069

CAVALRY. vol. 1, page 65
The three regiments of cavalry authorized by the act of March 2, 1799, were not raised. The act
of February 11. 1847, authorized two majors and a quartermaster to each regiment in the Army; the
act of July 29.1861, authorized three majors to the Sixth Cavalry, and by the act of July 17,1862, three
majors and a commissary were allowed to all cavalry regiments. The grade of commissary was abolished
by the act of July 15,1870, and reestablished by the act of March 3, 1899, which allowed one to
each regiment of cavalry and infantry.

REGIMENT OF ARTILLERISTS. from Heitman, vol. 1, p. 51
April 1,1802, to May 12, 1814-
Formed April 1, 1802, under the act of March 16, 1802, from the preceding two
regiments of Artillerists and Engineers, to consist of five battalions of four companies
each. The act of January 11, 1812, authorized two regiments of artillery, which
were designated as the Second and Third Regiments of artillery, and this regiment
wTas thereafter known as the First Regiment of Artillery, but as regards promotion
of the officers these regiments wrere always distinct—the First, or Regiment of Artillerists,
was known as of the "peace establishment," and the rolls, returns, and
reports were made out as of the " Regiment of Artillerists." On May 12, 1814, under
the act of March 30, 1814, this regiment was consolidated with the Second and Third

Officers during War of 1812

COLONEL Henry Burbeck, 1 Apr 1802 to 12 May 1814.
LIEUTENANT-COLONEL Constant Freeman, 1 Apr 1802 to 12 May 1814.
Wm. Mac Rea, 1 Apr 1802 to 12 May 1814.
A. Y. Nicoll, 1 Dec 1804 to 12 May 1814.
Amos Stoddard, 30 June 1807 to 11 May 1813.
Jas. Read, 12 Mar 1812 to 20 Oct 1813.
J. B. Many, 5 May 1813 to 12 May 1814.

Hietman, vol. 2

p. 281 strength of army and losses war with Great Britain, June 18, 1812 to Feb 17, 1815

p. 285 CW

p. 298 Wars

p. 301 list of battles, and other military events 1775-1902

p. 391-4 chronological list of battles

p. 475-559 list of forts, etc. by name with location but no dates

p. 572-579  # of officers and men in regiments 1812-1825