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On the interactive map when a person clicks on the state of Georgia it takes them to somewhere other than the state of Georgia. Could this be corrected??  4 Oct 2009  Heather McFaddin

I love this interactive map, but . . .

some of our readers might be map-reading challenged, or just not familiar with a U.S. map because they live somewhere else. Is there a chance we could add a one-line link under the map to a page of "Alphabetical List of States" links for those who read words better than maps? A link to the page right under the map wouldn't take much room. Diltsgd 23:10, 9 May 2009 (UTC)

There are 3 Topics in need of conversion to un-portal format. Probate Records is just a empty shell with links. Other two are Naturalization and Emigration.