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Found![edit source]

I just wanted to thank whoever provided the link to the Stolp Family History Group website.

I had been searching for information for my paternal great-grandparents' family for over a year.  A 1920 census entry listed their birthplace as Stolk, however an email request found no records in the parish where that town is located.

The family had left via Swinemunde.  Their immigration record had them living in Gohren before leaving.

Staring at a map, searching websites and reading about Prussia and Pomerania, I came across this article.  Could Stolk be Stolp?

The Stolp Group's website has their database online.  I found all three surnames but not the individuals themselves.  Hopeful, I joined their email list (a bit clunky to use) and provided all the details I had on the family.

Within hours, they were found!  It doesn't get any better than that!

You're Welcome![edit source]

I was the one who added that information several years ago. Glad it helped! I've always wondered if anyone else ever connected into this ancestry! Good luck in your searches going forward! -Brad Jackman