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Guide to Tønder ancestry, family history and genealogy: birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, parish registers, and military records.

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History[edit | edit source]

Prior to 1864, Tønder was situated in the Duchy of Schleswig, so its history is intertwined with the history of Schleswig-Holstein. In the 1920s, when the Schleswig Plebiscite incorporated Northern Schleswig into Denmark, 76.5% of Tønder's inhabitants voted to remain part of Germany and 23.5% voted to join Denmark.
After the First World War, Tønder was detached from Germany in spite of the majority of its population casting a pro-German vote in the Schleswig Plebiscites - as Tønder was included in Zone I, which as a whole had a strong pro-Danish majority. In the years that followed, German political parties enjoyed a majority in the city council.

Archives, Societies, and Libraries[edit | edit source]

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Census Records[edit | edit source]

FamilySearch.org[edit | edit source]

MyHeritage[edit | edit source]

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Districts[edit | edit source]

  • Hviding Herred
  • Slogs Herred
  • Tønder, Højer, og Lø Herred

How to Find Birth, Marriage, and Death Information[edit | edit source]

Instructions for finding records are found on the individual parish pages, linked to the clickable map and parish list below. .

Parishes[edit | edit source]

HvidingRoagerSpandetHøjrupRejsbyBrønsVodderSkærbækArrildRømøBallumMjoldenDøstrupNørre LøgumRanderupBredeLøgumklosterSønder SkastHjerpstedEmmerlevHøjerVisbyAbildDalerMøgeltønderTønder landsognUbjergHøjstHostrupRavstedBylderupBurkalTinglevTonder Map.jpg

Map of parishes

Church Records[edit | edit source]

Military[edit | edit source]

Probate Records[edit | edit source]

Estates[edit | edit source]

  • 1436-1964 - Denmark, Estate Records, 1436-1964 at FamilySearch - Tønder Amt - images only
  • Frederikskog gods
  • Gammel Frederikskog gods
  • Gråsten gods
  • Rudbølkog gods
  • Schackenborg gods
  • Trøbjorg gods
  • Trøjborg gods

Print Sources[edit | edit source]

Rasch, Max. "Die Tonderner Senatoren-Familie Hanquist Herkunft - Einheirat in Tondern - Nachkommenschaft"  [The Senator family Hanquist, origins, marriage in Tondern and decendants] in Familiengeschichtliche Mitteilungen aus Nordschleswig, Folge 3. und 4; pp. 58-92. (1942/1943). [FHL International 943.512 D2f no. 1-8].