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The Stift (translated into English as Diocese) is an administrative and geographical organization used by various Christian denominations. The geographical area is under the jurisdiction and leadership of a Bishop (within the Roman Catholic Church a Diocese can be a Monastery that is lead by a group of Monks or an Abbot.) Multiple Dioceses are grouped together and called an Arch Diocese under the jurisdiction and leadership of an Arch Bishop.

Swedish Diocese

In Sweden a Diocese is under the direction of a Bishop. Multiple Dioceses make up an Arch Diocese that is under the direction of the Arch Bishop. Each Diocese belongs to a central administrative organization called Domkapitlet. The Bishops worked together in leading the Swedish Lutheran Church with the Arch Bishop in Uppsala holding the leading position of "primus inter pares" (Latin meaning first among equals.) In the Diocese reorganization after the reformation another position was added called “superintendentia” or Superintendent.

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