Sveriges Befolkning 1970

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Sveriges befolkning 1970 (Swedish census 1970) is a CD-ROM database covering personal data of everyone who was registered in Sweden on November 1970. Information comes from the State Tax Authority's database. The following information is given: person's given name and surname, street and postal address, date of birth, parish where born, parish of residence, tax levying district and property number. All information is that of November 1970 (for Västmanland county November 1971). The total number of persons in the database is 8,072,793.

This CD-Rom is written in the Swedish language but with the help of a few terms, it can easily be used by both Swedish and English speaking persons.

Translation of words used on search pages[edit | edit source]

Swedish to English

Barn                     child/children

Befolkning             populace/census

Boendeort             place of residence

Efternamn             Surname

Far                       Father

Födelseort            Place of birth

Födelseår             Year of birth

Församling           Congregation/parish

Förnamn              Given name

Klar                     Exit

Land                    Country

Landskap             Province

Län                      County

Mor                      Mother

Om                      About

Rensa                  Clear

Samma adress     Same Address

Samma fastighet  Same premise

Samma område    Same area/district

Skriv ut                 Print

Sök                      Search

Sök barn               Search child/children

Sverige                 Sweden

Syskon                 Sibling

Valda                    Selection

Yrke/title               Occupation/title


This CD-ROM may be purchased from the Federation of Swedish Genealogical Societies at their on-line bookshop called Bokhandel. See It may also be purchased at SVAR’s on-line bookstore. See (

This CD-ROM may be available at local Swedish-American research centers in various states.

The CD-ROM is available at the Family History Library but not at the Family History Centers. It is CD-Rom no. 2212 in the Family Hsitory Library Catalog.

To use at the Family History Library:

  1. Go to Find Your Ancestors on any patron computer in the library.
  2. Click on Databases at the Family History Library.
  3. Go to CD-ROM 2212 and click on Sveriges befolkning 1970.
  4. Click on CHECK OUT
  5. Read the notice. If you agree click on I ACCEPT.
  6. Click on HERE.
  7. Click on Allow.
  8. Click on Run.
  9. Click on Run.
  10. Click on OK.
  11. Click on OK.
  12. Click on OK.
  13. Click on OK.
  14. Click on OK.
  15. Double click on Sveriges befolkning 1970
  16. Open the search form screen by clicking on Search (Sök) or Child Search (Sök barn) in the lower left corner.