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Sudbury Regional Municipality, Ontario


In the 1976 municipal election, the first municipal elections held after the creation of the regional municipality, voters in three of the suburban towns rejected the new level of government. The strongest opposition was in Onaping Falls, with the vote running against regional government by a margin of 20 to one. Despite the opposition, however, none of the towns was released from the regional government structure.

On January 1, 2001, all of the seven incorporated municipalities, as well as the regional municipality itself, were amalgamated into the united city of Greater Sudbury. The former municipal names remain in informal use to designate the different areas of the city. The name "Sudbury" itself may be ambiguous, however — depending on the context, it may denote either the old city in isolation, or a shorthand name for the entire amalgamated city.

In addition to the former towns and cities of the Regional Municipality of Sudbury, the unincorporated townships of Dill, Cleland, Fraleck, Parkin, Aylmer, Mackelcan, Rathbun and Scadding were also annexed into the new city. The townships of Cleland and Dill encompass the communities of Wanup and St. Cloud, while the townships of Fraleck, Parkin, Aylmer, Mackelcan, Rathbun and Scadding comprise a wilderness area on the northeast side of Lake Wanapitei which contains only a few recreational properties. However, the annexation of this latter area into the city resulted in Lake Wanapitei supplanting Lake Ramsey, near downtown Sudbury, as the world's largest lake contained entirely within the boundaries of a single city.



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