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I just found out all is need is to leave out the word sandboxes when you move the sandbox pages and the problem will be solves. Your work is so wonderful.  I have much to benfit from the Civil War pages, as my family on all but one line comes through it with families being in West Virginia and Missouri and many being in major battles of the war and one even doing a bust of Lincoln that is still in the White House.  Thank you for all you do!!! [[User:Sandralpond|Sandralpond]] 14:21, 25 October 2011 (UTC)
== Headings on County Pages for Utah ==
Hi MarkhamMJ,
We appreciate the discussions and decisions made by a community of experts and interested parties regarding headings on the county pages especially for New York and Illinois, We want to adopt many of those changes and adapt some specifically for Utah. Will you please review the page for [ FamilySearch Wiki:WikiProject Utah County Headings county headings in Utah] and make comments on its discussion page?
Some volunteers for WikiProject Utah have already begun adapting the county pages. Your great suggestions will be implemented later, and we need to move now to prepare for a big push in January 2012.
Making your comments on the discussion page will allow for transparency, progress and improvement.
Thank you Wilma Adkins, WikiProject Utah manager; Marilyn Markham and Patsy Hendrickson, content specialists; and Dawne Hole and (Joy) Wyzer17, communications and volunteers liaisons.
[[User:Wyzer17|Wyzer17]] 15:55, 25 November 2011 (UTC)<br>
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