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{{Sussex-sidebar}}{{breadcrumb| link1=[[England Genealogy|England]]| link2=[[Sussex, England Genealogy|Sussex]]| link3=| link4=| link5=[http[Sussex_Maps|Maps]]}}__NOTOC__Click [[Media:// England Jurisdictions, 1851jpg|here]] is an interactive to see a larger version of this map of all the parishes in each of the counties of England. Learn about its .{| style="float:right; margin-right:200px"|-| style="padding-right:0px"||<div id="fsButtons"><span class="online_records_button">[[England Jurisdictions 1851|featuresFile:Sussex.jpg]] and functions</span></div>|}{||-||}===Online Gazetteer===*[https://catalog. The site also includes OS maps for the entire countryhathitrust. org/Record/100188159 '''Lewis’s Topographical Dictionary of England''']
===Sussex Through the Centuries===*[ Sussex in the early 21st century]*[ Sussex in 1940]*[ Sussex in 1900]*[ Sussex in 1850]*[ Sussex in 1832]*[ Southern England in 1811]*Sussex in 1794, [ western] and [ eastern]*[ England in 1732]*[ Southeastern England in 1628]*[ England in 1545] ===Other Online Maps and Collections===*[ Sussex County Maps]*[ British Library, georeferenced maps]*[ England Jurisdictions, 1851] is an interactive map of all the parishes in each of the counties of England. Learn about its [[England Jurisdictions 1851|features]] and functions. The site also includes OS maps for the entire country. *'''1885 County Maps''': [ Sussex Eastern Section] | [ Sussex Western Section]: Courtesy of London Ancestor===Rapes===A '''rape''' is an administrative subdivision into which [[Sussex, England Genealogy|Sussex]] was formerly divided. Usually compared to the [[Hundred (division)|hundred]], each of the six rapes comprised several hundreds.<ref>"rapes" in John Cannon, ''The Oxford Companion to British History'', (Oxford University Press) published to Oxford Reference Online (2009) eISBN: 9780199567638. Accessed 21 Jul 2013.</ref>  Blackstone's ''Commentaries on the Laws of England'' (1765) describes them thus: "In some counties there is an intermediate division between the shire and the hundreds, as lathes in Kent, and rapes in Sussex." (Vol. 1, p. 116).  There were six rapes, later organised into two divisions, the Eastern and Western divisions which, in 1888, became East Sussex and West Sussex:  {||-! East Sussex ! West Sussex|-| Lewes | Arundel|-| Hastings | Bramber|-| Pevensey | Chichester|} <br>  == References == <references />  <br> {{place|Sussex}}  [[Category:Sussex, England|Maps]][[Category:Counties of England]]

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