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Established 1950, covers the following agencies: [[Colville Indian Agency (Washington)|Colville]], [[Chiloquin Indian Sub-Agency (Oregon)|Chiloquin Sub-Agency]], [[Flathead Indian Agency (Montana)|Flathead]], [[Fort Hall Indian Agency (Idaho)|Fort Hall]], [[Northern Idaho Indian Agency (Idaho)|Northern Idaho]], [[Makah Indian Agency (Washington)|Makah]], [[Metlakatla Field Station (Alaska)|Metlakatla Field Station]], [[Olympic Peninsula Indian Agency (Washington)|Olympic Peninsula]], [[Plummer Indian Field Office (Idaho)|Plummer Field Office]], [[Puget Sound Indian Agency (Washington)|Puget Sound]], [[Siletz Indian Agency (Oregon)|Siletz]], [[Spokane Indian Agency (Washington)|Spokane]], [[Umatilla Indian Agency (Oregon)|Umatilla]], [[Warm Springs Indian Agency (Oregon)|Warm Springs]] and [[Yakima Indian Agency (Washington)|Yakima]].  Some of its records are at the [ National Archives Pacific Alaska Region] in Seattle.
==== Records ====
Tribal Census 1877-1952. FHL film : 1028458 item 2 and 1028459 item 1
Family Index Cards 1938-1950. FHL film: 1028470 item 4 and 1028471
Medical Records. 1934-1946. FHL film: 1028470 item 2
Heirship Records 1887-1952. FHL film:  1028461 item 2 -1028470
Civil Information 1864-1951. FHL film: 1028470 item 3 
School Records 1916-1952. FHL film: 1038456-1038458
Vital Records 1912-1952. FHL film: 1028459 item 2 - 1028461
'''Bureau of Indian Affairs (Phoenix Area Office)'''<br>P.O. Box 10<br>Phoenix, AZ 85001<br>Telephone: 602-379-6600<br>Fax: 602-379-4413
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