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==Reading the Records==
*You do not have to be fluent in Spanish to read your documents. Genealogical records usually contain a limited vocabulary. Use this [[Spanish Genealogical Word List|Spanish Genealogical Word List]] to translate the important points in the document. Handwriting skills are taught in [ the-spanish-documents(english) BYU Spanish Script Tutorial]provides lessons and examples to help in reading Spanish records.
*Online interactive slideshow lessons are available to help you learn to read these records:
:*{{LearningCenter2|207|Reading Spanish Handwritten Records Lesson 3: Reading Spanish Records}}
*Detailed instructions for reading Spanish records, examples of common documents, and practice exercises for developing skills in translating them can be found in the [[Spanish Records Extraction Manual|'''Spanish Records Extraction Manual.''']]
*[ '''The Spanish Documents Script Tutorial'''] also provides lessons and examples.<br>
=== Search Strategies ===
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