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===== Marriage certificates =====
The marriage certificate contains information about the bride and groom, their name, age and town of origin. It also contains information about the parents. Most importantly, it either gives their residence or locates their death.
TipsTip: If a parent is still alive, they are likely to die in the following decade. Hence, you can often use this information to find the death certificate. A couple often married in the town where the wife was living. If you know where she was born, check there.
If you are lucky, the parents married in the same village as their child was born. The marriage certificate contains There is very little information about the bride marriage contained in other certificates and groom, but also about their parents. Most importantly, it locates their death or, if they are still alive, it gives the residence. In the later case, they are likely do die within the following decade in that village. Either way, you can easily therefore be difficult to find their death certificate. The death certificate contains Tip: Couples often married in the age, town of origin and where the name of the parentswife was living. If you know where she was born, which makes it possible to find the birth certificatecheck there.
A more secure approach is to search for ===== Death certificates =====The death certificate contains the marriage certificate age, town of origin and the ancestors for whom you already have name of the birth certificatedeceased. They likely married in It also gives the birth town name of the wifeparents and spouse. The marriage certificate helps This information makes it possible to locate find the death birth certificate of . Tip: First, see if you can easily find the parents, which helps to locate their birth marriage certificate. It is also possible Then, take the last place of residence and go through the index table of that village to search for the death certificate directly, but then you might have to search through multiple decadesYou can also search for Finding the birth certificates certificate of the sibling. This siblings can help estimate date the marriage and death dates of the parents.
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