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| style="width:50%; border:2px solid black; padding:7px; vertical-align:top" | <center>'''Church Records and Vital Records''' </center> <center><span style="color: #cc9999">'''''Births, Baptisms or Christenings, Marriages, Deaths or Burials'''''</span></center>
*[ '''Matricula, Catholic Records of the Diocese of Hildesheim''']*'''1518-1921''' - [ '''Germany, selected Protestant church books 1518-1921'''] - at ($), index and images. This collection has records for '''Obernkirchen''', incorrectly listed under Hessen. *[ '''Lower Saxony, Germany, selected Protestant church records 1643-1887'''] - at, index, ($).*[ '''Lower Saxony, Germany, selected Protestant church records 1684-1892'''] - at, index, ($).
*[ Marriage records office Schaumburg, some relating to Lippe], listed with Lippe records, but may belong to Schaumburg-Lippe
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