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*Finding missing people
=== Genealogical Credentials =Professional Genealogists == Genealogists are generally not required by law to be licensed or certified. However, they can receive credentials from several organizations. Each organization sets its own criteria for granting credentials. The reference section at the end of this guide includes two major organizations that grant credentials and offer arbitration if problems arise.
You should also consider other criteria as you make your hiring decision. Most genealogists are self-taught, and many competent genealogists do not seek credentials. Years of education, research experience, and satisfactory service to clients may be just as important as credentials. <br>
== Credentialed = Credentialing Organizations for Professional Genealogists --===
These organizations required the researchers listed on their website to either through submitted work samples and/or testing to prove competence and experience. These organizations support those they credential in case their is a problem with the research.
*Accredited Genealogist&reg; Researchers are listed in the directory have been reviewed for competency and must agree to a [ code of ethics].
=== Organizations Supporting Professional Genealogists ===
The following list of organizations covers most geographical areas of interest and can connect you with genealogy researchers. Any concerns about research performed by a genealogist should be directed back to the organization listing the genealogist and not to FamilySearch.

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