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Finding Aids For German Records

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The FamilySearch Catalog
==The FamilySearch Catalog==
If the records you need have been filmed and/or digitized by FamilySearch, just quickly checking your town in the FamilySearch catalog, a quick search in the FamilySearch catalog can provide you with many of the details you need. Type in the name of your town in the "Place" field of the [ '''FamilySearch Catalog'''.] I It will automatically add the province of any German towns by that name. Look After you select a your town, look for the topics "Church records" and "Civil registration" and click on the links.<br>
Many microfilms have been digitized for online viewing. Gradually, everything will be digitized, so check back occasionally. Some have viewing restrictions, and can only be viewed at a [ '''Family History Center'''] near you, and/or by members of supporting organizations. <br>
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