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===4. For baptism, marriage, and death records, use church records or parish registers.===
Guide to '''Elsass-Lothringen, German Empire''' ancestry, family history, and genealogy '''before 19120''': birth records, marriage records, death records, family history, and military records. In 1920, Elsass-Lothringen became [[Alsace-Lorraine, France Genealogy|'''Alsace-Lorraine''']] in [[France Genealogy|'''France''']]. See those articles for further information.
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'''Church records (parish registers, church books)''' are an important source for genealogical research in Germany before civil registration began. They recorded details of baptisms, marriages, deaths and burials. The vast majority of the population was mentioned. To learn more about the '''types of information you will find in church records,''' click on these links:
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