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:The Romney Marsh Research Trust was formed in 1987 to study the history, archaeology and landscape history (or ‘geomorphology’) of Romney Marsh.
'''Tunbridge Wells Family History Society'''<br>Website: [ Tunbridge Wells Family History Society]
:We are a small Society with around 250 members who either live in or have family history connections with the Tunbridge Wells area, which straddles the Kent/East Sussex border. The following parishes are of specific interest to our members: Kent (Ashurst, Bidborough, Lamberhurst (part), Pembury, Penshurst, Southborough, and Speldhurst) and East Sussex (Frant, Lamberhurst (part), Rotherfield, Ticehurst, Wadhurst, and Withyham).
:We regret that because of a continual decrease in the number of members and a lack of volunteers to run the Society it will close on 31st December 2016. North West Kent FHS ( will take over from 1st January 2017 the area previously covered by TWFHS.
'''Wesley Historical Society - London And The South East'''<br>7 Hornminster Glen<br>Hornchurch, London RM11 3XL UK<br>
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