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:The Society was founded in 1910 to print records and documents relating to the ancient county and diocese of Lincoln. The ancient diocese covered not only Lincolnshire, the second largest county of England, but also the wide area which lay within the medieval diocese: the counties of Lincoln, Leicester, Northampton, Rutland, Oxford, Bedford, Buckingham, Huntingdon and northern Hertford. Since 1910 the Society has published ninety nine volumes many of which are still in print.
'''Peterborough & District Family History Society'''<br>Salvation Army Citadel<br>1203 Bourges Blvd.<br>Peterborough, Northamptonshire PE1 2AU UK<br>
Telephone: 01733 203151<br>Email: []<br>
Website: [ Peterborough & District Family History Society]
:The Peterborough and District Family History Society has now been established for a third of a century. During that time we have successfully raised the profile of family history within the local area, transcribing and indexing many thousands of records and assisting hundreds of people with their research.
== Lincolnshire Societies ==
'''Belton and District Historical Society'''<br>The John Green Institute<br>46 Station Road South<br>Belton, Lincolnshire NR31 9JG UK<br>
Email: []<br>Website: [ Belton and District Historical Society]
:The Belton & district historical Society was formed in 2006 by a group of friends, to preserve the character of the village. Also to protect the historic foundations for generations to follow. Their aim is to record the past for future and preserve the present.
'''Delvers Local History Group'''<br>93 Lea Road<br>Gainsborough, Lincolnshire DN21 1AB UK<br>Telephone: 01427 611940<br>
Email: []<br>
Website: [ Delvers Local History Group]
:The Delvers, an independent local history group, have already achieved an enormous amount in helping a whole new generation understand the meaning of local history.
'''Gainsborough & District Heritage Association'''<br>Gainsborough Heritage Centre<br>12 North St<br>Gainsborough, Lincolnshire DN21 UK<br>
Telephone: 01427 610 526<br>Email: []<br>
Website: [ Gainsborough & District Heritage Association]
:We made it our mission to protect, preserve and promote the towns rich and vibrant past. We have an extensive archive of local history information, a research service available and a well stocked shop with books, CDs and DVDs that cover a large array of subjects on both the town and the districts past.
'''Grantham Archaeology Group'''<br>Email: []<br>
:A small but dedicated group of amateur archaeologists, who undertake archaeological research in and around the Grantham area.
'''Haxey & Westwoodside Heritage Society'''<br>5 West Street<br>West Butterwick<br>Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire DN17 3JZ UK<br>Telephone: 01724 784551<br>
Email: []<br>Website: [ Haxey & Westwoodside Heritage Society]
'''Heritage Lincolnshire'''<br>The Old School<br>Cameron Street<br>Heckington, Lincolnshire NG34 9RW UK<br>Telephone: 01529 461499<br>
Email: []<br>
Website: [ Heritage Lincolnshire]
:Heritage Lincolnshire is a local charity working to conserve the rich history of the County for the benefit of people who live and work in the area.
'''Isle of Axholme Family History Society'''<br>Methodist Church Schoolroom<br>37 High St<br>Epworth, Lincolnshire DN9 1EP UK<br>
Email: []<br>
Website: [ Isle of Axholme Family History Society]
:The Isle of Axholme originally comprised of the eight parishes of: Althorpe, Belton, Crowle, Epworth, Haxey, Luddington, Owston, and Wroot. During the mid-nineteenth century however, four of the original eight parishes were split and new parishes created, bringing the total number to twelve.
'''Kirton in Lindsey Society'''<br>Kirton in Lindsey Town Hall<br>Market Pl<br>Kirton in Lindsey, Lincolnshire DN21 4LZ UK<br>Telephone: 01652 648435<br>
Email: []<br>Website: [ Kirton in Lindsey Society]
:An active civic and history society based in Kirton in Lindsey, North Lincolnshire since 1987, enquiries about the local area and family history are welcomed, as are all members, existing and new, young and old.
'''Lincolnshire Family History Society'''<br>
'''Bourne'''<br>Wake House<br>41 North Street<br>Bourne<br>South Kesteven, Lincolnshire PE10 9AE UK<br>'''Grantham'''<br>Harrowby Lane Methodist Church Hall<br>121 Harrowby Ln<br>Grantham<br>South Kesteven, Lincolnshire NG31 9LN UK<br>
Email: []<br>
Website: [ Grantham Branch]<br>
'''Lincoln'''<br>Bracebridge Heath Village Hall<br>Red Hall Lane<br>Bracebridge Heath<br>Lincoln, Lincolnshire LN4 2LB UK<br>
Telephone: 01522 680275<br>Email: []<br>
'''London'''<br>Society of Genealogists<br>Charterhouse Buildings<br>London, EC1 UK<br>LFHS Email: []<br>
Website: [ Lincolnshire Family History Society]
:The purpose of the Society is to record and publish people's memories of Long Bennington, a village situated in the county of Lincolnshire in England.
'''Old Sleaford Heritage Group'''<br>National Centre for Craft and Design<br>Navigation Wharf<br>Carre St<br>Sleaford, Lincolnshire NG34 7TW UK<br>Email: []<br>Website: [ Old Sleaford Heritage Group] :We are a community group actively involved in studying archaeology and local history in and around Sleaford. '''Owston Ferry Society'''<br>16 Church Street<br>Owston Ferry, Lincolnshire DN9 1RG UK<br>Telephone: 01427 728361<br>Email: []<br>Website: [ Owston Ferry Society] :Was formed in 1985 initially as a local history group, but with the acquisition of Laming's Smithy in 1989 was expanded to become a heritage society. It maintains and runs The Old Smithy and Heritage Centre in the High Street and opens it to visitors during the summer season, and undertakes small restoration and heritage projects around the village. '''Rase Heritage Society'''<br>Market Rasen Library<br>73 Mill Road<br>Market Rasen, Lincolnshire LN8 3AT UK<br>Telephone: 01673 844408<br>Email: []<br>Website: [ Rase Heritage Society] :Rase Heritage Society was established in 2005 to promote and encourage interest in the heritage of the Rase district – the Parishes of Market, Middle and West Rasen. '''Saxilby and District History Group'''<br>Saxilby Village Hall<br>High Street<br>Saxilby<br>Lincoln, Lincolnshire LN1 2HA UK<br>Telephone: 1522 703047<br>Email: []<br>Website: [ Saxilby and District History Group] '''Society for Lincolnshire History & Archaeology'''<br>Jews' Court<br>Steep Hill<br>Lincoln, Lincolnshire LN2 1LS UK<br>Telephone: 01522 521337<br>Email: []<br>Website: [ Society for Lincolnshire History & Archaeology]
:The Society aims to create a greater awareness of the history of Lincolnshire, and works to discover and record its heritage.
'''South Witham Archaeological Group'''<br>South Witham Village Hall<br>Water Ln<br>South Witham<br>Grantham, Lincolnshire NG33 5RR UK<br>Email: []<br>Website: [ South Witham Archaeological Group] :SWAG was set up at the beginning of 1998. One of the main aims of the group is to make people aware of the Templars site, situated to the north of the village. To the more uninitiated of us this would involve explaining what the Templars site is, who the Knights Templars were, and the importance of this site to the village (and surrounding villages). '''Spilsby & District Local History Society'''<br>Telephone: 01790 752 554<br>Email: []<br>Website: [ Spilsby & District Local History Society] '''Stamford & District Local History Society'''<br>Email: []<br>Website: [ Stamford & District Local History Society] :The Stamford and District Local History Society was formed in 2013 to provide the town of Stamford with a more active local history society. '''Wesley Historical Society - Lincolnshire Methodist History Society'''<br>Buslingthorpe Grange<br>Faldingworth Rd<br>Middle Rasen, Lincolnshire LN8 3SA UK<br>Telephone: 01673 885829<br>Website: [ Wesley Historical Society - Lincolnshire Methodist History Society] :The aims of the Society laid down in 1893 were to promote the study of the history and literature of early Methodism, research into the Wesley's, and investigation into the beginnings and development of Methodism. Area: Historic County of Lincolnshire. {{Place|Lincolnshire}} [[Category:Lincolnshire, England]] [[Category:England Societies]][[categoryCategory:Counties of England]]
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