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}}{{TOC left}}{{WV-sidebar}}<br>The following repositories preserve sources, maintain indexes, and provide services to help genealogists document their ancestors who lived in West Virginia. '''Remember''', prior to 1863 West Virginia was part of Virginia, and many early West Virginia records are housed in '''[[Virginia Archives and Libraries]]'''.
=== Wiki Articles on Repositories for West Virginia ===
[[Boyd County Public Library of Congress]](Ashland, KY){{·}} [[National Archives and Records Administration|National Archives I]]Clarksburg-Harrison Public Library{{·}} [[National Archives at College ParkHistorical Society of Western Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh, Maryland|National Archives II]]PA){{·}} [[National Archives at PhiladelphiaLibrary of Congress]](Washington, DC){{·}} [[West Library of Virginia Archives and History]](Richmond, VA){{·}} [[Allegheny Regional Family History Society]]{{·}} [[Clarksburg-Harrison Public Library]]{{·}} [[Martinsburg-Berkeley County Public Library]]{{·}} [[Parkersburg Mary Ball Washington Museum and Wood County Public Library]](Lancaster, VA){{·}} [[West Virginia University Wise LibraryMaryland State Archives]](Annapolis, MD) {{·}} [[Boyd County Public LibraryNational Archives and Records Administration|National Archives I]](Washington, DC){{·}} [[Historical Society of Western PennsylvaniaNational Archives at College Park, Maryland|National Archives II]](College Park, MD){{·}} [[Library of VirginiaNational Archives at Philadelphia]](PA){{·}} [[Mary Ball Washington Museum and New York Public Library]](New York City, NY){{·}} [[New York Parkersburg and Wood County Public Library]]{{·}} [[Santa Cruz Public Library Downtown]](Santa Cruz, CA){{·}} [[University of Chicago Library]](Chicago, IL){{·}} [[Virginia Historical Society]]<br>(Richmond, VA){{·}} Washington National Records Center (Suitland, MD){{·}} [[West Virginia Archives and History]]{{·}} West Virginia University Wise Library{{·}} === Online Records of West Virginia ===Vital Registration Office
== Online Records of West Virginia ==
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| {{Click|Image:WV_ORP.png|West Virginia Online Genealogy Records|left}}{{DCfollowup}}<br><br>
=== National Repositories === ==== Library of Congress ===='''[[Library of Congress]]'''[[Image:Library of Congress Jefferson Building.jpg|thumb|450px|Library of Congress Jefferson Building]]<br>=== [[Library of Congress]] ===101 Independence Ave. SE <br>Thomas Jefferson Building, LJ G4 <br>Washington, D.C. 20540-4660 <br>Telephone: Reading Room: 202-707-5537<br>Fax: 202-707-1957 <br>E-mail: [ Ask a Librarian form]<br>Website: [ Library of Congress]<br><br>
:The Library of Congress "Local History and Genealogy Reading Room" has moved to the main reading room, but services are unchanged. They are part of the world's largest library including 50,000 genealogies, 100,000 local histories, and collections of manuscripts, microfilms, maps, newspapers, photographs, and published material, strong in North American (including '''West Virginia'''), British Isles, and German sources.<ref>[ The Collections] in ''Local History and Genealogy Reading Room'' in ''The Library of Congress'' (accessed 8 January 2014).</ref><br><br>
==== [[National Archives and Records Administration|National Archives I =]] ===
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| [[Image:National Archives and Records Administration.jpg|thumb|280px|National Archives I on Pennsylvania Ave, D.C.]]'''[[National Archives and Records Administration]]''' (Archives I)<br>700 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW<br>Washington DC<br>Telephone: 1-866-272-6272<br>Fax: 301-837-0483<br>E-mail: [ National Archives and Records Administration inquiry form]<br>Website: [ NARA]<br><br>  :Nationwide (including '''West Virginia''') censuses, pre-WWI military service and pensions, passenger lists, naturalizations, passports, federal bounty land, homesteads, bankruptcy, ethnic sources, prisons, and federal employees. The National Archives Building in Washington, DC (Archives I), houses textual and microfilm records relating to genealogy, American Indians, pre-World War II military and naval-maritime matters, the New Deal, the District of Columbia, the Federal courts, and Congress.<ref>[ Information for Researchers at the National Archives Building in Washington, DC] in ''National Archives'' (accessed 31 December 2013).</ref> <br><br>
==== [[National Archives at College Park, Maryland|National Archives II ]] ====[[Image:US National Archives II.jpg|thumb|right|280px|National Archives II in College Park, MD]]'''[[National Archives at College Park, Maryland]]''' (Archives II)<br>8601 Adelphi Road<br>College Park, MD 20740-6001<br>Telephone: 866-272-6272<br>Fax: 301-837-0483<br>E-mail: [ I have a question] form<br>Internet: [ National Archives at College Park, Maryland]<br><br>  
:'''Archives II''' houses documents created after 1900 at the departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Justice, Labor, State, Transportation, and Treasury, modern military records, passport applications, and District of Columbia records. Residents of '''West Virginia''' are found in their records.<ref name="DB2">William Dollarhide and Ronald A. Bremer. ''America's Best Genealogy Resource Centers'' (Bountiful, Utah: Heritage Quest, 1998), 2. {{WorldCat|39493985}}; {{FHL|728550|item|disp=FHL Ref Book 973 J54d}}.</ref><br><br>
==== [[National Archives at Philadelphia =]] === [[Image:National Archives at Philadelphia sign.jpg|thumb|230px|National Archives at Philadelphia sign]]'''[[National Archives at Philadelphia]]'''<br>14700 Townsend Road<br>Philadelphia, PA 19154-1096<br>Telephone: 215-305-2044<br>Fax: 215-305-2052<br>E-mail: []<br>Website: [ National Archives Philadelphia]<br><br> 
:This branch has federal agency and court records for Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and '''West Virginia'''. All U.S. federal censuses 1790-1940, and indexes. Also has passenger arrivals in Philadelphia 1800-1945 and Baltimore, pension and bounty land warrant applications, naturalizations 1790-1990, early federal history, diplomacy, military history, Chinese-Americans, World War II homefront, National Park Service, merchant marine, U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, federal tax evasion and smuggling cases.<ref name="DB12627">Dollarhide and Bremer, 126-27.</ref><br><br>
[[File:Washington National Records Center Stack Area with Employee Servicing Records.jpg|thumb|right|246px|WNRC stack area in Suitland, MD]]
==== Washington National Records Center ====
WNRC<br>4205 Suitland Road<br>Suitland, MD 20746-8001<br>NARA telephone: 866-272-6272<br>NARA E-mail: [ Contact Us] form<br>Internet: [ Services for the Public]
:Older than 15-years federal criminal court, federal civil court, and federal bankruptcy court records, and the federal agency records from the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, and '''West Virginia'''.<ref name="DB29">Dollarhide and Bremer, 29.</ref><br><br>
=== Statewide Repositories === ==== West Virginia Archives and History ===='''[[West Virginia Archives and History]]'''<br>The Cultural Center <br>Capitol Complex <br>1900 Kanawha Boulevard East<br>Charleston, WV 25305-0300 <br>Telephone: 304-558-0220 <br>Fax: 304-558-2779 <br>Website: [ Archives and History Library]<br>
=== [[West Virginia Archives and History]] ===
The Cultural Center <br>Capitol Complex <br>1900 Kanawha Boulevard East<br>Charleston, WV 25305-0300 <br>Telephone: 304-558-0220 <br>Fax: 304-558-2779 <br>Website: [ Archives and History Library]<br>Website: [ West Virginia Archives and History: Genealogy Corner] Click on records to search and view digitized records.
:This the best place to start West Virginia genealogy research. They have manuscripts, biographies, county histories, and tax records.<ref name="DB117" /><br><br>
'''[ West Virginia Archives and History: Genealogy Corner]''' Click on records to search and view digitized records. === Regional Repositories West Virginia Vital Registration Office === ==== Allegheny Regional Family History Society ===='''[[Allegheny Regional Family History Society]]'''<br>I.O.O.F. Lodge Building<br>US Rt. 219 & 250, about 3 miles South of Elkins<br>PO Box 1804<br>Elkins, West Virginia 26241<br>Email: []<br>Website: [ The Allegheny Regional Family History Society]<br><br>
Room 165<br>350 Capitol Street<br>Charleston, WV 25301-3701<br>Telephone: General questions (but no certificate requests) 304-558-2931<br>Website: [ Requesting WV Vital Records] :The West Virginia Vital Registration Office has:<ref name="VRGen">[ Genealogy Information] in ''Vital Registration'' in WV DHHR Health Statistics Center (accessed 15 May 2017).</ref>:*West Virginia '''births''' 1917-present:*West Virginia '''delayed birth records''' starting around 1850:*West Virginia '''marriage indexes''' 1924-present:*West Virginia '''marriages''' 1964-present:*West Virginia '''deaths''' 1917-present:*West Virginia '''divorce indexes''' 1967-present:'''Certified copies.''' Certificates are hand abstracted from the original source document. The person on a certificate, parents, grandparents, wife, husband, child, grandchild, brother, or sister of the person on a certificate may request a copy. Close relatives can obtain certified copies of BMD, and divorce records from the West Virginia Vital Registration Office in these ways:<ref>[http:They have // Requesting WV Vital Records] in ''Vital Registration'' in WV DHHR Health Statistics Center (accessed 15 May 2017).</ref>:*'''In person.''' Their fee must be paid by cash, check, or money order.:*'''By mail.''' See their '''[ Certificate Request Forms]''' Internet page. Their fee must be paid by cash, check, or money order.:*'''Online, or by telephone, or fax.''' You can use a credit card to pay their fee and request express delivery of an online database official West Virginia certified copy of articles a vital record for an extra fee from the private company '''[ VitalChek West Virginia]'''.:'''Genealogical research.''' A good resource for West Virginia genealogical vital record information is the '''[[West Virginia Archives and pedigreesHistory]] Library''' in Charleston. They also Among other sources, they have cemetery transcriptsearly (pre-1917) county birth and death records. For marriage records prior to 1964 contact the county clerk of the county where the license was obtained.<ref name="VRGen" />:'''Online indexes.''' Internet sites like ($) provide information from some of West Virginia's vital records, obituaries''for example'', births 1804-1938, marriages 1785-1971, and allow member queries in their newsletterdeaths 1853-1973.<ref>[ HomepageCardCatalog.aspx#ccat=hc=25&dbSort=1&sbo=1&title=&keyword=West%20Virginia&filter=0*34& Card Catalog -] Keywords Search for "West Virginia" in the Birth, Marriage & Death category in ''Allegheny Regional Family History'' (accessed 25 April 201616 May 2017).</ref><br><br>
==== Clarksburg-Harrison Public Library Regional Repositories ===='''[[Clarksburg-Harrison Public Library]]'''<br>404 West Pike Street<br>Clarksburg, WV 26301<br>Telehone: 304-627-2236<br>Fax: 304-627-2239<br>E-mail: [ Contact form]<br>Website: [ Clarksburg-Harrison Public Library]<br><br>
=== Clarksburg-Harrison Public Library ===
404 West Pike Street<br>Clarksburg, WV 26301<br>Telehone: 304-627-2236<br>Fax: 304-627-2239<br>E-mail: [ Contact form]<br>Website: [ Clarksburg-Harrison Public Library]
:This is a large genealogical collection with indexes, periodicals, histories, obituaries, cemeteries, and family folders.<ref name="DB117" /><br><br>
==== Martinsburg-Berkeley County Public Library ===='''[[Martinsburg-Berkeley County Public Library]]'''<br>101 West King Street<br>Martinsburg, WV 25401<br>Telephone: 304-267-8933<br>Fax: 304-267-9720<br>Website: [ History and Genealogy Resources]<br><br> 
:They have a good genealogy collection with many sources for the earliest West Virginia settlers.<ref name="DB117"/><br><br>
==== Parkersburg {{amp}} Wood County Public Library ===='''[[Parkersburg and Wood County Public Library]]'''<br>3100 Emerson Ave.<br>Parkersburg, WV26104-2414<br>Telephone: 304-420-4587<br>Fax: 304-420-4589<br>Website: [ Parkersburg and Wood County Public Library]<br><br> 
:West Augusta Historical and Genealogical Society's collection includes genealogies, family histories, cemetery transcripts, obituaries and family folders. Covers northwest West Virginia and parts of southwest Pennsylvania.<ref name="DB117" /><br><br>
[[File:Atrium of WVU Downtown Library.jpg|thumb|right|230px|WVU Wise Library Atrium]]
==== West Virginia University Wise Library ====
'''[[West Virginia University Wise Library]]'''=== Roman Catholic Diocese of Charleston ===Archives<br>West Virginia and Regional History Center114 Broad Street, Carriage House<br>PO Box 6069<br>1549 University Ave<br>MorgantownCharleston, WV 26506-6069SC 29401<br>Telephone: 304843-293410-3536 1720<br>FaxWebsite: 304[ management Archives and Record Management]:Diocese Archives records pertain to the chancery, parishes, clergy, men and women religious, laity, schools, cemeteries, hospitals, social services, buildings, and properties. Please make an appointment before visiting.<brref>Website: [httphttps://wwwsccatholic.librariesorg/archives-and-records-management Archives and Record Management] in ''Roman Catholic Diocese of Charleston'' (16 May 2017)</wvcollection/ West Virginia Collection]ref><br><br>[[File:Atrium of WVU Downtown Library.jpg|thumb|right|230px|WVU Wise Library in Morgantown]]=== West Virginia University Wise Library ===
West Virginia and Regional History Center<br>PO Box 6069<br>1549 University Ave<br>Morgantown, WV 26506-6069<br>Telephone: 304-293-3536 <br>Fax: 304-293-3981 <br>Website: [ West Virginia Collection]
:World's largest collection of West Virginia-related research material including 4.5 million manuscript documents, 30,000 books, 15,000 pamphlets, 1,200 newspapers, 100,000 photographs and prints, 5,000 maps, 25,000 microfilms, and oral histories.<ref>[ West Virginia University Libraries] in ''Wikipedia: the Free Encyclopedia'' (accessed 25 April 2016).</ref>
:*A useful guide to this collection is James W. Hess, ''Guide to Manuscripts and Archives in the West Virginia Collection.'' Morgantown, West Virginia. West Virginia University Library, 1974. {{FHL|47798|item|disp=FHL book 975.4 A5h}} The 1959 edition by Charles Shetler, is on {{FHL|217188|item|disp=film 940918 item 4}}<br><br>
=== Outside of West Virginia Respositories ===
==== Boyd County Public Library ===='''[[Boyd County Public Library]]'''<br>Ashland Main Branch<br>1740 Central Ave<br>Ashland, Kentucky 41101<br>Telephone: 606-329-0518<br>Fax: 606-329-0578<br>Website: [ Boyd County Public Library]]<br><br>
:Near where Ohio, Kentucky, and '''West Virginia''' come together, this library has many sources about West Virginia people, including family folders, biographies, genealogies, and pedigrees.<ref name="DB117">Dollarhide and Bremer, 117.</ref><br><br>
==== Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania ====[[Image:Hist Soc of Western PA.JPG|thumb|right|280px|Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania]]'''[[Historical Society of Western PennsylvaniaPA in Pittsburgh]]''' <br>Senator John Heinz History Center, Library and Archives<br>1212 Smallman Street<br>Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222<br>Telephone: 412-454-6364<br>E-mail: []<br>Internet: <br><br>  
:Colonial records of the Ohio Company with land grants and settlers since the 1750's in southwestern Pennsylvania and the area that became''' West Virginia'''.<ref name="DB117" /><br><br>
==== [[Library of Virginia =]] ===[[Image:Library of Virginia.jpg|thumb|280px|Library of Virginiain Richmond]]'''[[Library of Virginia]]'''<br>800 East Broad Street <br>Richmond, Virginia 23219-8000<br>Telephone: 804-692-3500 <br>Fax: 804-692-3556<br>E-mail: [ Contact Us] Select department to open dialog box<br>Website: [ Library of Virginia]<br><br>  
:The Library of Virginia is an important resource for pre-1863 '''West Virginia''' research. Their large genealogical collection has family Bibles, birth, marriages, deaths, divorces, histories, biographies, and newspapers. Many of their manuscripts are now online. The '''''General Library''''' contains printed materials, while the '''''Research and Information Services Division''''' consists of government records and other historical documents. Many collections are available '''''online''''', such as Confederate pensions, veterans and widows, an index to wills and administrations, Revolutionary War bounty land, and Virginia Land Office patents and grants.<ref name="DB97" /> <ref>[ Using the Collections] in ''Library of Virginia'' (accessed 7 January 2014).</ref><br><br>
==== [[Mary Ball Washington Museum and Library =]] ===[[Image:Mary Ball Washington Museum and Library.jpg|thumb|280px|Mary Ball Washington Museum and Library, Lancaster, VA]]'''[[Mary Ball Washington Museum and Library]]'''<br>8346 Mary Ball Road<br> Lancaster, Virginia 22503<br> Telehone: 804-462-7280<br> Fax: 804-462-6107<br> E-mail: []<br>Website: [ Mary Ball Washington Museum and Library]<br><br>  
:A small library with a good name index to nearly every history book published in Virginia, '''West Virginia''', or Kentucky, including court records from 1651, indexes and abstracts, Virginia vital records, census records, county histories, biographies, church and cemetery records, family histories, newspapers, obituaries, vertical files, militia records, and fraternal organizations.<ref name="DB117" /> <ref>[ Genealogy and History Library] in ''Mary Ball Washington Museum and Library'' (accessed 7 January 2014).</ref><br><br>
==== New York Public Library =[[Maryland State Archives]] ==='''[[New York Public Library|New York Public Library]]'''[[Image:New York Public Library exterior.jpg|thumb|280px|New York Public Library]]Hall of Records Building <br>U.S. History, Local History and Genealogy Division350 Rowe Boulevard <br>Fifth Avenue and 42nd StreetAnnapolis, Room 315SMD 21401 <br>New York, New York 10018Telephone: 410-260-27886400 <br>TelephoneFax: 212410-930974-08292525<br>E-mail: []<br>Internet: [ State Archives] :This is the premier facility for locating Maryland ancestors who migrated into '''West Virginia'''. The Maryland State Archives [http:/tid/ Ask a Librarian formindex.html online] has nearly all available public records from 1634 to 1789; most original state and county records through the mid-twentieth century; microfilm copies of land, probate, and vital records to the present; and over 130 major card indexes to Maryland land records and early settlers, newspapers, county records, church records, family, and business records. This is the most complete collection of any of the 13 colonies. It can take up the three days just to check the indexes.<ref name="DB55">Dollarhide and Bremer, 55.<br/ref>WebsiteFor more information about the state archives, see the following references.: *Maryland. Hall of Records. ''A Guide to the Index Holdings at the Hall of Records''. Rev., Bulletin, [httpMaryland. Hall of Records] No. 17. (Annapolis, Maryland: Hall of Records, 1972.) {{FHL|118379|item|disp=FHL book 975.2 A1 no. 56.}} This is a county-by-county list of indexes and years covered. :*Papenfuse, Edward C., et al. ''A Guide to Government Records at the Maryland State Archives: A Comprehensive List by Agency and Record Series''. (Annapolis, Maryland: Maryland State Archives, 1992.) {{FHL|646205|item|disp=FHL book 975.2 A3g.}} This guide lists record types, years covered, and series number. :*Papenfuse, Edward C., et. al. ''A Guide to the Maryland Hall of Records: Local, Judicial and Administrative Records on Microfilm''. Volume 1. (Annapolis, Maryland: Hall of Records Commission, 1978.) {{FHL|498131|item|disp=FHL fiche 6049468; book 975.2 A3pa v. 1.}} Volume one is a detailed list of many records on microfilm for Allegany County, Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County, and Baltimore City, Maryland. These include court, probate, and land records. The archives has additional computer printout lists for all counties. You can write to them for information about records of specific localities and time periods. :*Radoff, Morris Leon, et al. ''The County Courthouses and Records of Maryland, Part Two: The Records''. (Annapolis, Maryland://wwwHall of Records Commission, 1963.) {{FHL|146470|item|disp=FHL fiche 6054101 (fiches 4 and 5), 6054105; book 975.2 B4ma no.nypl13}} This is a county-by-county list of record types, years covered, and series New York Public Library]<br><br>
=== [[New York Public Library]] ===
[[Image:New York Public Library exterior.jpg|thumb|280px|New York Public Library in Manhattan]]U.S. History, Local History and Genealogy Division<br>Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street, Room 315S<br>New York, New York 10018-2788<br>Telephone: 212-930-0829<br>E-mail: [ Ask a Librarian form] <br>Website: [ New York Public Library]
:This is one of the largest research libraries in the world, including excellent genealogical resources for '''West Virginia'''. The library has city and telephone directories, vital records indexes, local histories, genealogies, federal and state censuses, passenger lists, genealogical collections (including DAR transcripts), and church records.<ref name="DB81">Dollarhide and Bremer, 81.</ref> For maps, try the Map Division at the same address.<br><br>
==== Santa Cruz Public Library ===='''[[Santa Cruz Public Library Downtown]]'''<br>===224 Church Street<br>Santa Cruz, California 95060 <br>Telephone: 831-427-7707 ext. 5794<br>E-mail: [ E-mail reference service form]<br>Website: [ Santa Cruz Public Library]<br><br>  
:Holds the Genealogical Society of Santa Cruz County's library, including the '''''[ Tina Brayton Collection]''''' which is equivalent to the ''[[Draper Manuscript Collection]]&nbsp;'' but larger and with a better index, and many compiled genealogies of Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, and '''West Virginia''' families.<ref name="DB113">Dollarhide and Bremer, 113.</ref> <ref>[ The Tina Brayton Collection] in ''Genealogical Society of Santa Cruz County'' (accessed 3 January 2014).</ref><br><br>
==== [[University of Chicago Library ]] ===='''[[University of Chicago Library]]'''[[Image:Regenstein Library entrance2.jpg|thumb|right|280px|University of Chicago Regenstein Library]] <br>1100 East 57th Street<br> Chicago, Illinois 60637-1502 <br>Phone: (773) 702-4085 <br>E-mail: [ Ask a librarian] form <br>Internet: [ The University of Chicago Library]<br><br>  
:This library has plentiful historical records. Noteworthy is the '''''Durrett Collection&nbsp;''''' of historical Kentucky, '''West Virginia''', and Ohio River Valley manuscripts. The size and content of this collection is comparable to the ''[[Draper Manuscript Collection]]''. It includes the earliest people in the Ohio Valley.<ref name="DB39">Dollarhide and Bremer, 39.</ref><br><br>
==== [[Virginia Historical Society =]] ===[[Image:Virginia Historical Society.jpg|thumb|280px|Virginia Historical Societyin Richmond]]'''[[Virginia Historical Society]]'''<br>428 North Blvd<br> Richmond, Virginia 23221-0311<br>Telephone: 804-358-4901<br>E-mail: [ Ask a Librarian form] <br>Website: [ Virginia Historical Society, Looking for People] <br><br>  
:They have more records for early West Virginia than in any West Virginia repository.<ref name="DB117" /> County records such as marriages, county court records, wills, censuses, land, militia lists, bounty lands, passenger lists, tax lists, poll lists, genealogies, newspapers, family Bibles, and African American genealogy. They have a card index to 10 million documents of the Old Dominion, that is Virginia, '''West Virginia''', and Kentucky.<ref name="DB97">Dollarhide and Bremer, 97.</ref> <ref>[ Looking for People] in ''Virginia Historical Society'' (accessed 7 January 2014).</ref><br><br>
=== Guidebook ===
:*Ellen Garrison, ''Archives in Appalachia: A Directory'' (Boone, North Carolina: Appalachian Consortium Press, 1985). {{WorldCat|12712710}}; {{FHL|497048|item|disp=FHL Book 975 A3a}}. Includes Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia arranged alphabetically by state, then by the name of the repository. Each entry lists the archive, its address, phone number, inclusive dates of the collection, the records of the collection, what subjects are covered by the collection, and the size of the collection. There are two indexes: Record type, and Subject, with reference numbers corresponding to the repository.<br><br>
=== References ===
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