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6 links were on this list that all redirected to the same external site (, so I combined them into 1 link and also added a new link
*[ Oklahoma Genealogy Network Community on Google+]
*[http://www.genealogyincraogk.comorg/oklahoma-genealogy/okOklahoma Genealogy -Guide to Ancestry] ordering vital-records/ How to order Oklahoma Vital Records] *[, city and government-records/ State links, history and facts of counties, and list of Oklahoma County & City Government Court links] archives and societies
*[ Rotating Formation Oklahoma County Boundary Maps and Atlases]
*[ Digital Archives ]from the Oklahoma State University, a varied selection of resources.
*[ Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department's ]new 'genealogy' section aids those looking for ancestors in Oklahoma.
*[ Oklahoma Genealogy Network Group on Facebook]
*[ List of Oklahoma Archives, Libraries, Publications, Historical & Genealogical Societies]
*[ History & Facts of Oklahoma Counties]
*[ Family Tree Encyclopedia] - Terminology & Meanings of Genealogical Terms
*[ Printable Genealogy Forms used in Research]
*[ David Rumsey Map Collection] - is a large online collection of rare, old, antique historical atlases, globes, maps, charts plus other cartographic treasures.
*[ Oklahoma Genealogy] extensive directory of Oklahoma genealogy records
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