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Editing Court of the Manor of Rothley (Commissary Court)
This court had jurisdiction over the following parishes: Barsby, South Croxton, Gaddesby, Grimston, Keyham, Mountsorrel, Rothley, Saxelby, part of Somerby, Wartnaby, Wycomb and Chadwell.
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== Indexes == Calendars of wills and administrations relating to the county of Leicester, proved in the Archdeaconry Court of Leicester, 1495-1649 : and in the peculiars of St. Margaret Leicester, Rothley, Groby, Evington, and the unproved will, etc., previous to 1801[*,0,0]  == Records == == Jurisdiction == [Categoryhttp:Probate records in England]//*,0,0 bate_records_in_England Probate_records_in_England]


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